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Northern U.S.

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Northern United States

The Atlantic to the Pacific… and everything in between. Bike & Build’s Northern U.S. (NUS) trip starts in the hills of scenic New England, touches the shores of four Great Lakes, and traverses the plains of the Midwest. This route will see some of the most drastic weather extremes for the summer, from the cool back roads in New York’s Adirondack National Park, to hot days on the bike through Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, before finally climbing over the Cascade Mountains in Washington (it was snowing at the top of Washington Pass last year). While the route remains in the U.S. for vast majority of the summer, the group will cross into Canada for their final two days before finishing in Vancouver.

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Biking west across the country

After a two-day orientation in Portsmouth, NH, this 4,000-mile tour heads across New Hampshire, Vermont and New York, tackling the Appalachian mountains head on. A short mileage day will allow riders plenty of time to explore Niagara Falls, before their route continues by dipping south around the Great Lakes. From the bottom of Lake Michigan, the route will shoot through Wisconsin, before cutting North through Minnesota on route to Duluth. From there the group will churn some high mileage days through the flat plains of North Dakota, until the Rocky Mountains finally appear in the distance. Glacier National Park and the “Road to the Sun” await them in Western Montana, before Washington and British Columbia reveal the Pacific Coast.

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Northern riders working on a build site

The money raised by the NUS riders will be distributed to affordable housing groups throughout the United States to finance projects executed by young adults. Prior to the summer, Bike & Build will solicit grant proposals from housing organizations. During the course of the event, the members Team Northern U.S. will evaluate and discuss the applications, and - as a group - decide which proposals to fund.

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Getting pumped for a full day of riding