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Bike & Build Alumni are an invaluable part of the organization. In 12 summers, over 2,600 young adults have helped Bike & Build donate over $5.1 million to affordable housing organizations, collectively pedaled millions of miles, and helped educate communities in 47 states (and DC!) about the affordable housing crisis. Why stop there?

As Bike & Build continues to grow, it will need the help and support of its alumni to maintain its impact. There are tons of different ways to get involved. Feel free to browse the links to the left to learn about how alumni are continuing their efforts to support and advocate for affordable housing, and find out how you can get involved and stay connected.

An easy first step is visiting and liking the Bike & Build Alumni Facebook group.

Second, the Alumni Council maintains a database of contact and employment information for former Bike & Builders. Need a couch to crash on? Want to learn about a career in a certain field? Looking at degree programs and want to get a graduate's opinion? Contact Jesse Cohn, member of the Alumni Council, at to get connected to the database. This database is private to Bike & Build alumni.