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Previous Awards

2014 Recipients

Ricky Holzer  (NUS13) - Ricky used his funding to set up an interactive map with an overview of housing affordability in the Minneapolis region.  The project is available online @ www.withinmeans.org.


Aileen Strickland (CUS10), Danny McGee (P2S09, CWM13) & Will Gallmeyer - Funds were used to provide administrative and project management support for a brand new affordable housing organization called Homes of Hope. Homes of Hope is a non-profit focused on building homes for individuals and families in need. They are unique in their ability to adapt and support community partners who already have a strong foundation within the community. They look for partners who give their time, energy, and passion to the community but may not be able to afford to stay in the community they support, and may not be able to find support any other way.

2013 Recipients

Katy Getsie (P2S10, CWM13) - Katy was granted money to spend eleven months researching the feasibility of using micro-financing as a solution to the need for affordable housing in Pittsburgh via local and international research. Katy spent five months in Pittsburgh interviewing, volunteering and researching with non-profit organizations, government groups, businesses and individuals to understand more thoroughly how they are combating poverty housing and how micro financing could be a part of their work. She is now currently spending six months in and around León, Nicaragua studying and researching the multitude of micro-financing organizations in the area.  You can follow her progress via her blog at http://microfinancepgh.wordpress.com.

2012 Recipients

Catherine Atwood  (P2SF10, ME2SB11) - Catherine's grant was used to plan and produce a week long build week for Bike & Bulid alumni in Joplin, MO.

- Danny McGee (P2S09, CWM13) - Danny used his grant to support the Tribal Energy Efficiency Project, with the purpose of supporting the development of cost-effective efficient affordable housing on the Crow Indian Reservation. Effective support to the reservation came in the form of research reports, design recommendations, and presentations to both the local community as well as larger interested communities. The housing problems on the reservation are symptoms of larger issues, including lack of quality jobs and education. The energy efficiency project therefore is part of a larger project to support sustainable economic growth and development on the Crow Indian Reservation by developing local technologies and resources. The CWM Fellowship specifically funded the transfer of knowledge and continuation of research that Danny did as a graduate student. The Fellowship funded the installation of remaining monitoring equipment and the mentorship of an additional graduate student to continue work on the project.

- Emma Scott (B2SB10, CWM11/12) - Emma was awarded funds to to complete a photography project focused on documenting the lives of families living in homes that were built with the help of Bike & Builders. .

2011 Recipients

Frannie Noble (P2S08) - Frannie's grant went towards her work at Flying Kites Global to help create and maintain sustainable practices for orphanages in Kenya.

- Gabe Ofiesh (CUS08, NC2SD09, P2S10) - Gabe was awarded funding to volunteer full time and produce a qualitative study of a recently formed homeless and transitional housing facility called The Haven at First and Market in Charlottesville, VA.

2010 Recipients

- Nadia Alley (CR09, CWM10) - Nadia used funds to help develop and fund a community enhancement project involving young individuals from low socio-economic backgrounds who receive special education services due to learning and/or emotional disabilities.  The goal of the project is to teach the youth that they have the ability, initelligence, and opportunity to give back in spite of their circumstances.

- Colette Beyer (CUS05, CR09) - Colette was awarded funds to help create a 5 day cycling trip to raise funds and awareness for veterans homelessness as well as veterans in need of adaptive housing following catastrophic service-related injuries.

- Jodi Dubyoski (B2SB09) - Jodi used the funds to help create and partially fund the position of Community Outreach Coordinator for an organization called Community Rebuilds, which is a nonprofit with a threefold mission: to assist low income families in building energy efficient housing; provide education on sustainability; and to improve the housing conditions of the workforce through an affordable program.

Brian Garland (CUS09) - Brian was awarded funds to help in the creation of a non-profit called Athletes for Affordable  Housing, an organization which raises funds for a variety of housing and homlesness programs through fundraising teams that participate in endurance sporting events.

2009 Recipients

Dan Oates (NUS06, NC2SD08, CWM08/09) - Dan will be doing first hand research and volunteering with different social service organizations to evaluate their effectiveness in providing services aimed towards homelessness and transistional housing.

- Laura Sienas (CUS08) - Laura will be continuing in her work with Nazareth Farm, an organization that transforms lives through service learning experiences.