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Waitlist FAQ

People on the waitlist fall into one of the following three categories:

  1. They are enrolled in the program, and waiting to switch trips
  2. They are not enrolled in the program, and are waiting to get on any trip or specific trips (due to date conflicts). 
  3. They applied to be a leader in our first or second round of applicants, but also indicated on their application that if not chosen for the position, they would still like to participate in the program.  When they applied as a leader, all trip spots were full, so they were added to the waitlist to hold their place in line. 

Below you will find an explanation of how our waitlist works.  It is to your benefit to understand how we enroll people, otherwise you may miss your opportunity to be enrolled or switch trips.  These are really common questions, so please take the few minutes to read through it before asking us. 


Waitlist FAQ:


What are my odds of getting off the waitlist and onto a trip? 

Trips generally fill by the end of November. Based on the past several years we do have a fairly high number of drop outs, especially through January but each year is proving to be different, so we don't actually know for sure.


Is my application fee refundable?

If we cannot place you on a route that works, your application fee is absolutely refundable. You can withdraw from the waitlist at any time, and we will refund your money.  If you withdraw, but change your mind, you go to the bottom of the list.  The only situation where your application fee will NOT be refunded is if we offer you a spot on a trip, you accept and are enrolled, but then later on you withdraw from the program. 


When will I find out if I get a spot on a trip or not?

As soon as a spot opens up, we will send you an e-mail.  You have roughly 48 hours to reply to my e-mail telling us whether you want it or not.  If you do not respond, or what to wait for a different trip, we'll just move to the next person. 


I’m going on vacation for 2 weeks and won’t have access to e-mail.  What happens if a spot opens up while I’m gone?

Honestly, communication here is key.  Please work with us: people who never answer our e-mails or phone calls are honestly just going to get skipped the next time a spot opens up.  Often times we’ve enrolled people over others because it was so obviously clear the person ahead of them was waiting of a job offer and B&B was “just something else to do”.  Show us you want this! Now this doesn’t mean e-mail us every day, but stay in touch, and we will make the effort to do the same.   


Where am I on the waitlist? How many people are in front of me?

We know the temptation is to e-mail us daily and ask this question, but you must resist!  We’ll send out periodic update e-mails that show what trips you’re waiting for, and how many people are in front of you for each. 


You are added to the waitlist on a first come first served basis.  If, for example, you sent in the online portion of your application in November, but didn't finish the paperwork until December, we use the December date to place you on the list.  If you completed your full application at the end of November/early December, there are several people ahead of you waiting to get on any trip.  If you finished all of it in November, you are closer to the top of the list



I'm on the waitlist with another person (friend, significant other, etc.) and we want to do the same trip, how does that work?

On the waitlist, you are treated as one individual, so you move up the list together.  If a spot opens up on say NC2SD, and you are next on the list with your friend, we will wait a little while to see if another spot opens up on that same trip.  We can't hold the spot forever because people need to start fundraising and training.  We'll play it by ear and see what happens. If at all possible, we would recommend that you apply as early as possible for the 2015 program (see below for more information on this).


Why don't I see my name in the drop-down list of people for online donations? 

After you are enrolled in a trip, your picture and profile will be automatically added to our roster page.  Your name will also appear in the drop down list for donations.  We are unable to add people to this list until they are enrolled. 


When do I get my fundraising materials?

After you are enrolled in a trip, we will send you a big box with printed brochures and a copy of your rider manual.  You can download both of these as PDF’s online right away. 


Can I start fundraising yet? 

Yes and no.  Let us be very clear: Any money you fundraise will not be refunded to your donors under any circumstances.  The only way you can start fundraising is if you are assigned to a route.  It's just the way our system is built, and it gets messy if we start taking donations for people who aren't assigned a trip.  This situation is more applicable for those enrolled in the program and waiting to switch routes, rather than those not assigned to any trip yet. 


I applied to be a leader.  What happens if I am not hired?

Your name will remain on the waitlist, and you will simply move through it like any other prospective rider. 


I applied to be a leader, what happens if I'm hired?

Your application fee will be refunded, you will be assigned to a route, and your name removed from the waitlist. 


I would rather withdraw my application and re-apply for 2016.  When is the earliest I can do this?

We post the application for our 2016 routes on or about November 1st.  Keep checking the website and become a fan on Facebook as we get closer to that date for an announcement.  There is no way to apply to the program before we post the application at that time (i.e. there is no pre-registering).  


Hope this helps clarify a few things.