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Bike & Build 2015 Scholarship

February is Alumni Month! Help Us Fundraise for the Scholarship with a Trip v. Trip Contest

Alums can support the Bike & Build Scholarship by teaming with other alumni from their specific route. Donors to the historical route that raises the most earn a Limited Edition, retro shirt. Donate by clicking on your route. All money raised will go to directly supporting the scholarship. Like always, contributions are tax deductible.

Boston / Maine to Santa Barbara

Central U.S. 

North Carolina to San Diego

Northern U.S.

Providence to Seattle

Providence to San Francisco / California

South Carolina to Santa Cruz

Southern U.S.

Capital Ride / Coastal Drift

More Details: The Bike & Build Scholarship Program

The Bike & Build Scholarship program engages young adults from at-risk backgrounds, ages 18-25, in a life-changing opportunity to be engaged in their community through an incredible adventure. Riders will develop skills in teamwork, leadership, and perseverance. This accomplishment will further empower scholarship recipients to serve others for many years beyond the completion of the trip. Bike & Build opens new doors to these young adults!

Over the last two years, this scholarship has allowed Bike & Build to enroll two young adults per year in our annual regional ride. In 2015, we’re expanding that reach, aiming to engage three scholarship recipients, including two on one of our cross-country trips. One summer, pedaling 4,000 miles, building homes along the way, and granting $$$ to affordable housing organizations… it will be an unforgettable experience!

2014 Scholarship Recipient

Apply for the Scholarship

Riders will complete this written application. Applications are due on Friday, November 14 at 5 pm ET.

  • The Patrick Zuza Scholarship
    • In honor of Bike & Build alumnus Patrick Zuza (North Carolina to San Diego 2011), this scholarship aims to engage a young adult of limited financial means in a cross-country trip. The recipient will demonstrate the same love and dedication to Bike & Build’s mission that Patrick did: a commitment to service and adventure.
  • The CWM-Bike & Build Scholarship
    • Funded through the Chris Webber Memorial Fund, this scholarship will engage a rider in a Bike & Build cross-country trip in 2015. Applicants from the Andover, MA or Poughkeepsie, NY area (Chris’s hometown and the location of Vassar College, Chris’s alma mater) will be considered.
  • The Bike & Build Coastal Drift Scholarship
    • This scholarship will empower a rider to complete Coastal Drift, a 3-week regional ride that is ideal for young adults who are unable to complete a full summer trip.

Riders can apply for more than one of three scholarships, assuming they fit each award’s criteria. Individuals will only be selected for one scholarship. Bike & Build staff, board, and alumni will contact finalists for interviews, and the winners will be enrolled in mid-to-late December.

After recipients are selected, riders will complete a percentage of the normal fundraising requirement, train for 500 miles, complete 10 sweat equity build hours, and undergo other preparations. Scholarship recipients will have the support of the Bike & Build Board, staff, sponsors, and community volunteers throughout the process.

2013 Scholarship Recipient

Support the Scholarship

To support the Bike & Build Scholarship, you can donate here. All money raised will go to directly supporting the scholarship. Contributions are tax deductible.

Donations from our alumni has been particularly important in the development of this program. We thank them in advance for their continued support!

If you would like to support the Patrick Zuza Scholarship specifically, please visit this page describing more about his continued contribution to B&B.

What Does the Scholarship Fund?

Each cross-country scholarship is worth $5,000. This includes:

  • $3,000 of the rider’s required fundraising that benefits the affordable housing cause
  • $1,000 for gear costs, travel to and from the end of trips, and en-route spending money
  • $800 to purchase a new Giant Defy 3 bike for the riders, which they’ll keep upon completion of the trip
  • $200 to cover the rider’s application fee, which purchases the rider’s jersey, thermarest, and other trip costs.

The Coastal Drift Scholarship is worth $3,500. It provides the same benefits as the cross-country scholarships, including two-thirds of a rider’s fundraising ($1,500 out of $2,250, instead of $3,000 out of $4,500).

Wait, isn’t Bike & Build’s fundraising requirement $4,500 for each rider?

Indeed, it is. The pedaling and volunteer service is immensely important, but one of the most important facets of Bike & Build is the effort riders put into pre-trip advocacy for the cause. This includes reaching out to new people to engage them in supporting affordable housing. We require each of our scholarship riders to raise one-third of the overall total to allow them to take ownership over their summer, learn the importance of direct advocacy, and help develop their networks. All of these skills will be extremely valuable for their post-Bike & Build life.

2014 Scholarship Recipient

Thanks to Our Sponsors

Thanks to these sponsors who have made the scholarship so successful in our first two years.

East River Bank

Brinker Capital

Univest Bank


Penn Liberty Bank
Philadelphia Insurance
Federal Home Loan Bank Boston