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Providence to San Francisco

Following hurricane Katrina’s devastating impact on the Gulf Coast in 2005, Bike & Build re-routed Southern U.S. in 2006 to join the ongoing rebuilding effort in the Gulf Coast. The second week of the trip will be spent building in areas that are still in need of hurricane reconstruction. From there the group continues their trek West onto the ranges of Northern Texas, the deserts of the South West and, eventually, the coast of Northern California. While the name “Southern” is often noted by many potential applicants as red flag for extreme heat and a summer spent in the desert, the route’s alumni look back fondly on their summer. “I’m really glad the trip is named the way it is because it scares off people. It’s like our own little secret for how sweet this route is. Three words: Building in LA! I would say to potential applicants that they should realize they’re biking in the middle of the summer, and it’s going to be hot on every route. Ours really isn’t any worse than other trips,” said one rider on their end-of-trip evaluation.

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After a hard day of work on a build site


After a Build Day in Atlantic Beach with Beaches Habitat for Humanity, riders will leave Florida behind them as they head to Jacksonville. Alabama and Mississippi fly by as Louisiana will be their fourth state line in four riding days. Following a week of building and a day off in New Orleans, the group will set their sights on the Wild Wild West, traversing the Texas panhandle and climbing into the mountains of New Mexico. After enjoying a day off in the northern rim of the Grand Canyon, the riders head to Utah and another gorgeous National Park- Zion-while the deserts of Nevada await on the horizon. Next is majestic California where riders cruise by multiple national parks and forests as they make their way to Yosemite and, shortly after, arrive at the home of Cannery Row, beautiful Monterey!

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