Bike & Build - Angela Parrotta

Angela Parrotta

Northern U.S. 2010
Miles: 3810 / 3810       Days: 69 / 69       Build Days: 10       Rest Days: 2       Location:  Route is over    

Mmmm BIKE & BUILD 2010 - Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger.

A summer without biking and building is no summer at all.... My name is Angela (not to be confused with Vangela) and I am a NC2SD'08, CWM'09 & '10 alumni. I took last summer off while all of my friends biked across the country. Big mistake! My summer without a B&B jersey, thermarest, chamois butter, pb&j, and 30 fellow riders to roll deep with proved to be lame so I've decided to come back for more!

In real life I am a graphic designer and live in New York City. I graduated in 2005 with a BFA in Fine Arts from The School of Visual Arts and spend Monday-Friday, 9AM-6PM working at a wonderful design studio. I live in Brooklyn with my over weight cat, Tino, and love every second of it. I grew up in a large and loud family of Italians who own restaurants. So if I sound like I'm screaming...I'm probably just really excited, and if I offer you food...just take it. Cycling has become a big part of my life...I've formed my own cycling posse in Brooklyn and completed a duathlon....thats run, bike, run. No swimming for me. In my spare time I enjoy reading, music, cooking, boxing, and pretending to be a runner.

Since my summer of '08 my facebook friends have increased by at least 100 B&Bers. This is why B&B is so amazing! I regularly try to convince everyone I know to do a trip and often find it hard to go 10 mins without having a B&B related thought. The bonds and community this organization forms is incredible. I now have friends all over the country. There's nothing better then being on the open road while waves of communities are clapping for you as you ride into their town. Meeting the families that will live in the house that you just put a roof on is a truly humbling experience and I am very much honored to have another summer to lead a group of amazing people and together give back to the community.

Now, what miles lunch?

Oh and I love Kristie Gearhead, P2S '09 & P2SF '10