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David Mabe

Southern U.S. 2011
Miles: 3995 / 3995       Days: 78 / 78       Build Days: 16       Rest Days: 4       Location:  Route is over    

Hey! My name is David Mabe. I am from the small town of Stoneville, North Carolina. I am 20 years old, and I currently live in Raleigh where I am majoring in Computer Engineering at North Carolina State University.

I heard about Bike & Build through a friend who is also participating this summer. My initial reaction was that taking a summer off to bike across the country was crazy—not something I would do at least. However, the more I considered it the more I decided it would probably be one of the most awesome and unique experiences of my life! I've been training, and I'm extremely excited for this summer and ready to go!

One of my hobbies is photography, and I'm going to try to keep the blog updated with interesting photos. I used to work for the student daily newspaper here at the University. I also enjoy web development and design, and I have built or maintained websites for several non-profit and volunteer organizations on campus.

Another thing that I have enjoyed is whitewater canoeing (although I’ve been less active in that since I moved to Raleigh).  I’ve boated several rivers and creeks on the east coast, up to class III and class IV whitewater. After Bike & Build I'm excited to have something new to do outside in Raleigh where the rivers are pretty flat!

At NC State University I’ve become involved in several service projects, many of them related to education.   One of them is a yearly camp at NC State that introduces high school students from rural North Carolina counties to science and technology at the University.  It’s called SATELLITE (Science and Technology Enriching Lifelong Leadership In Tomorrow’s Endeavors—the acronym that almost no one can remember). I’ve participated as a camp counselor for the past two years. Another program that I’m particularly enthusiastic about is a partnership between the Caldwell Fellows Program at NC State and an elementary school in Atencingo, Mexico. Last spring I traveled there with a group and worked with the kids in the school, and I returned again this spring. We are also raising funds to aid the school throughout the year.

Affordable housing is very important, and it is a very effective way to improve the lives of individuals and society as a whole. Providing decent, affordable housing adds safety and dignity to the lives of families, and it improves the educational and occupational opportunities for individuals. I have a little experience working with the NC State and Wake County Habitat for Humanity programs.  The NC State chapter of Habitat holds an annual fundraiser in which campus organizations compete to raise money and awareness while keeping their shacks occupied 24 hours a day for a week, and I’ve participated in that the past two years.  I’ve also done deconstruction, and more recently construction, with the Wake County Habitat.

I am very excited about getting the opportunity to bike across the country and work with affordable housing! It will be an awesome experience. Additionally, I’ve never traveled west of the Appalachians in the United States. Through Bike & Build I will gain a lot of insight into affordable housing, and I will see the country.


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