Bike & Build - Grace Tidwell

Grace Tidwell

NC to San Diego 2011
Miles: 3552 / 3552       Days: 70 / 70       Build Days: 13       Rest Days: 3       Location:  Route is over    

Hi all! I’m a twenty-two year old first year medical student at the University of South Florida. I’m originally from Jacksonville, Florida, and I recently graduated from the University of Florida, where I studied food science & nutrition and international development & humanitarian assistance. I’m very interested in pediatrics and family medicine, and I am pursuing a concentration in health disparities. I have experience in basic science research and spent a year working on clinical research related to rare pediatric disorders and gene therapy. My current research interest is diabetes, preventative medicine, and women’s health issues as related to health disparities.


I heard about Bike & Build from Megan, the current B&B intern, when we were both baby pre-meds at UF. After doing some research, I decided I couldn’t come up with a more personally meaningful way to spend what is most likely my last free summer for a very long time. In undergrad, I wanted to save the world, and chose my studies accordingly- medicine, food, development, crisis- but experience quickly taught me that many people right here face problems every day that I could address in a much more effective and sustainable manner. From this realization sprang my interest in affordable housing, the availability of which is intrinsically tied to so many of the most basic human rights- safety, shelter, and health.


In the past, most of my volunteer work has been medically related and has included work with the American Diabetes Association, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and the American Medical Student Association. I don’t have experience with affordable housing groups, but some of my favorite projects that I’ve done were wheelchair ramp building and post-Katrina rebuilding. . .  I’m pretty good with a nail gun! Here in Tampa, the need for affordable housing is huge- I found out that we have over 5,000 families on waiting lists for housing assistance in this county alone.


Otherwise, I’m a book nerd who loves cooking, dancing, coffee, and good music. I have little biking experience, but I have always wanted to bike more and I’m an avid runner. I love traveling and think this an amazing way to get to see the country! Cali, here I come!


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NC to San Diego's Affordable Housing impact:
May 20 - Chapel Hill, NC
May 21 - Chapel Hill, NC
May 26 - Asheville, NC
May 27 - Asheville, NC
May 31 - Maryville, TN
Jun 11 - Little Rock, AR
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