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Collin Schmitt

Maine to Santa Barbara 2012
Miles: 3886 / 3886       Days: 72 / 72       Build Days: 13       Rest Days: 3       Location:  Route is over    

To whom it may concern,

      My name is Collin Schmitt and I am a 21 year old, soon-to-be-graduate of Roger Williams University in the small and windy town of Bristol, Rhode Island. I am an Anthropology/Sociology major with a double minor in Marine Biology and Sustainability. I was born and raised in Longmeadow, Massachusetts (also a small town but with less wind). I am on the lacrosse team at school but that's only the competitive edge of sports for me. I love any activity in, on or by the water including sailing, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and Frisbee. Last fall I completed a SEA Semester where myself and 33 other students and faculty sailed 2,366.6 nautical miles from Cape Cod to St. Croix on a 134-foot tall ship for 6 weeks. . . (most wind ever).

       I'm not sure why I keep mentioning wind but perhaps the winds of destiny have carried me to Bike & Build as a means to pursue my life goal, make a positive change in the world while having one hell of an adventure. My cousins, roommates, friends, brother did Bike & Build a few years back and must have had some good stories to tell. I guess good news travels a long way. 

       Right next to food and healthcare, I think shelter is a vital component of sustaining human life. Without adequate shelter it is very difficult to raise a family.  Fundraising for affordable housing doesn't just build more homes; it creates a foundation to build better lives. The best part about volunteer work is the mutually beneficial relationship between service and civilians. In high school I spent two weeks in Costa Rica assisting local Ticos (Costa Rican's) on various service projects. The work becomes pleasure as you interact with the people who are actually going to benefit from the school, community kitchen or soccer field. Bike & Build incorporates a similar methodology with riders and the communities they build in. I'm not sure about other organizations but I doubt they bike 4,000 miles to get to the build sites. . . 

     I've never biked more than 26 miles in a day. I've never built a house before. I've never seen the prairies or climbed the Rockies. I can't even identify all 50 states on a map! Isn't that why we jump into a whirlwind adventure though? The diaries are published, textbooks are written, and photos are printed but you know what? I think I’d rather find out for myself.


With Love,

      Collin D. Schmitt



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Collin has currently raised $5,324.
That's 118% of his $4,500 fundraising goal.
Maine to Santa Barbara's Affordable Housing impact:
Jun 18 - Portland, ME
Jun 21 - Andover, MA
Jun 25 - Pittsfield, MA
Jul 7 - Columbus, OH
Jul 8 - Columbus, OH
Jul 12 - Bloomington, IN
Jul 16 - St Louis, MO
Jul 20 - Springfield, MO
Jul 24 - Tulsa, OK
Jul 30 - Amarillo, TX
Aug 10 - Payson, AZ
Aug 13 - Flagstaff, AZ
Aug 23 - Palmdale, CA