Bike & Build - Stewart Lowery

Stewart Lowery

South Carolina 2012
Miles: 4179 / 4179       Days: 81 / 81       Build Days: 16       Rest Days: 4       Location:  Route is over    

Stewart Lowery's the name and I'm a 22 year old Newport Newsian. I am a Centre College graduate with a degree in International Studies and also a recently Returned Peace Corps Volunteer. Before leaving for the Peace Corps I was one of four beautiful leaders with 26 stupendous riders on SC2SC'12. Unfortunately my stint in the Peace Corps ended early, but I am more than happy to hop back into the Bike & Build bubble. This will be a little different than living in Fiji, but the sense of community I gained in my remote village absolutely reflected what I feel with my Bike & Build family and this is a perfect transition back into life in the "real world". In addition to feeling at home, we're pedaling across the US for affordable housing, y'all. Time to spread some love.


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Stewart has currently raised $6,535.
That's 145% of his $4,500 fundraising goal.
South Carolina's Affordable Housing impact:
May 26 - Charleston, SC
May 29 - Sumter, SC
Jun 2 - Greenville, SC
Jun 2 - Greenville, SC
Jun 12 - Tupelo, MS
Jun 22 - Oklahoma City, OK
Jun 23 - Oklahoma City, OK
Jul 5 - Colorado Springs, CO
Jul 6 - Colorado Springs, CO
Jul 7 - Colorado Springs, CO
Jul 8 - Colorado Springs, CO
Jul 9 - Colorado Springs, CO
Jul 10 - Colorado Springs, CO
Jul 15 - Rifle, CO
Jul 20 - Provo, UT
Jul 28 - Caldwell, ID
Aug 7 - Chico, CA