Bike & Build - Kyle Flannigan

Kyle Flannigan

Central U.S. 2013
Miles: 3794 / 3794       Days: 74 / 74       Build Days: 10       Rest Days: 4       Location:  Route is over    

I hail from the good ole Midwest town of Springfield, MO (home of cashew chicken and Brad Pitt). I attended the great institution of Missouri State University, and I earned my degree in English Education. I taught for one year at a small town school in the Springfield greater area. I enjoy good English snobbery chats on literature and movies. I love playing soccer, which is strictly limited to pick-up games with many of my friends from the deep, deep south and indoor leagues.
I came across Bike & Build randomly a few years back. I rode the Northern route in 2011 and loved every minute of it. Well, except that one minute when I came out of the Art institute and realized my bike had been stolen.
My first experience that pulled me into volunteer work was going to Uganda. I was affected deeply by the poverty and pain people faced. When I came back to the states, it made me wonder about what kind of problems America has. I have spent time in inner-city Philly with the Simple Way. We addressed many of the problems of homelessness, which is interesting in Philly because there are more abandoned houses than there are homeless and displaced families. Many of the abandoned homes would be stripped and/or used as drug houses, so the work to get displaced people into the many houses of Philly was serious and urgent. People needed homes, and homes were available. Connecting the two was the challenge we faced.
I love traveling. I recently took a trip down old route 66 and up hwy 1 with a friend, and it was an amazing trip, but now that I have been getting into biking, I am finding that slower pace of bike riding is a much better way to experience the world around me. I find my town to be a much more interesting place because of biking. After doing Bike & Build once, you would think I would be a biking machine- biking hundreds of miles every week and crushing coconuts with thighs of incredible power. Well, I do.


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Central U.S.'s Affordable Housing impact:
Jun 5 - Charlottesville, VA
Jun 10 - Charleston, WV
Jun 15 - Cincinnati, OH
Jun 22 - St. Louis, MO
Jun 28 - Kansas City, MO
Jul 9 - Denver, CO
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