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Devan Tracy

Northern U.S. 2013
Miles: 3774 / 3774       Days: 70 / 70       Build Days: 10       Rest Days: 3       Location:  Route is over    


Hey there!  My name is Devan Tracy, I am 21 years old, and originally from Saratoga Springs, NY.  For the past four years, I have been studying Mechanical and Sustainable Engineering at Binghamton University, New York.  Aiming to graduate in May 2013, going for a little spin, and then get a job in the sustainable industry (solar, wind, architecture, bicycling advocacy, etc. - so many choices!)   

Speaking of bicycles...I got interested in biking back in high school as a mode of transportation before I had my driver’s license.  Since then, it seems like each year I become more and more obsessed.  This year, I’ve been quite involved with bicycling and pedestrian initiatives around campus and in the community - promoting bike racks for the buses, building covered bike shelters, pushing for a “greenway” connection to the city, and designing a bike share program.  

When I’m not outside doing outdoorsy things like hiking in the ADKs, running, tossing a frisbee, dirt-biking, or slack-lining (new hobby - it’s super addicting, watch out!), you can find me jamming on any percussion instrument imaginable, strumming on a uke, or hammering away at the piano.  

My friend (who I coincidentally bonded with over bicycling) participated in Bike & Build last summer.  After stalking her pictures and hearing about her adventures, I was sold.  If we are going to travel cross-country, encountering so many people, what better way to do it then bike for a cause, educate, and help out those that are less fortunate?  Having a roof over your head every day is something that most of us overlook.  With the combination of my established interested in architecture, growing up in a family business in the construction industry, and having a background in engineering, I am so excited to travel the country on two wheels and make an impact.  I cannot wait for this experience of a lifetime!  Thank you to those who have been supportive and have made donations for this great organization!


P.S. Check out my website here for more options to donate online and to follow my blog this summer!



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Devan has currently raised $4,575.
That's 102% of her $4,500 fundraising goal.
Northern U.S.'s Affordable Housing impact:
Jun 19 - Portsmouth, NH
Jun 23 - Lebanon, NH
Jul 2 - Buffalo, NY
Jul 6 - Avon Lake, OH
Jul 10 - South Bend, IN
Jul 14 - Janesville, WI
Jul 16 - Madison, WI
Jul 24 - Duluth, MN
Aug 1 - Minot, ND
Aug 13 - Whitefish, MT