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Dexter Horne

Conn. to California 2013
Miles: 4173 / 4173       Days: 76 / 76       Build Days: 14       Rest Days: 4       Location:  Route is over    

Hello! My name is Dexter Horne and I am from Louisville, Ky. I am 19 years old, the son of two very proud parents, the brother of three wonderful sisters and an awesome older brother. Currently Iím studying to be a Government/Philosophy major at Centre College. At Centre I am an elected member of Student Government, an intern at CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), a contributor to the Soles 4 Souls organization, and a member of the Bonner Scholars program which sponsors each scholarís commitment to a variety of community service initiatives while building our leadership skills. As a freshman, I'm still figuring out how the world works. My hobbies at Centre include dancing in my 5 foot dorm room, drinking gallons of coffee in the library and listening to music in public areas on my laptop (giving the impression that I'm working hard on something). I figure that by doing these things virtuously I will one day figure out what it is I want to do for the rest of my life.
Until then though, I've been dedicated to working in any way I can toward making the community around me a little happier. I enjoy community service more than I've enjoyed anything else I've had the blessing to experience in life. I believe in mankind, and I believe that everyone can and will contribute amazing things to this world when given the minimum level of social and economic wellbeing to grow as people in. This is why I find affordable housing to be such an important issue. The function of a person is naturally to be the best person they can be which is an impossible task to conquer when you can't even surpass the physical obstacles of living. I want to insure that everyone gets the same chance towards happiness and fulfillment that I have had and this journey begins with the basics; having a shelter over your head and food in your body. I became a Bike & Build rider this year for these reasons and it is my hope that I can give many people the chance to discover adventures in life beyond physical necessities.
Aside from the cause itself, I look forward to this biking adventure because of the discipline it will teach me and the stories I'll make along the way. I know that the lessons I learn and the service Iíll do will make me a better person and put me in a position to share a wisdom people go there whole life without gaining by the time I return to Centre College.
But while Iím away, I will gather every asset in my possession in order to fight the good fight for affordable housing. Iím excited to get the wheels turning, and the good times rolling


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Conn. to California's Affordable Housing impact:
Jun 8 - Providence, RI
Jun 12 - Danbury, CT
Jun 15 - Stroudsburg, PA
Jun 19 - Gettsyburg, PA
Jun 27 - Huntington, WV
Jul 5 - Springfield, IL
Jul 11 - Lawrence, KS
Jul 12 - Lawrence, KS
Jul 21 - Loveland, CO
Jul 28 - Montrose, CO
Jul 31 - Moab, UT
Aug 3 - Green River, UT
Aug 13 - Sparks, NV
Aug 18 - Stockton, CA