Bike & Build - Brandon Rodriguez

Brandon Rodriguez

Southern U.S. 2013
Miles: 4058 / 4058       Days: 81 / 81       Build Days: 18       Rest Days: 4       Location:  Route is over    

Hey everybody, I am Brandon Michael Rodriguez.  I will be twenty-one this Christmas, I went to Texas Tech University and studied political science and spanish. (I didn't grow up speaking it either) I'm a fan of any and every sport pretty much, grew up playing basketball in the driveway until it got dark and football in the yard until someone got hurt.  Also, really random sports like a few seasons of hockey because two of my best friends played their entire lives and varsity soccer (all-time favorite) after injuries kept me from playing football.  I've always enjoyed just being able to "play". The way sports connect people is amazing in so many senses.  Growing up I really didnt travel alot.  I didn't leave the state of Texas until I was sixteen and that was to Oklahoma so it really didn't even count... When I turned eighteen I made sure to travel as far east as possible (Florida) and as far east as possible (only made it to Phoenix) Since then, traveling has always been the one thing that I simply couldn't do without.  Biking is something else i've been constantly enjoying, and mixing the two is going to be the experience of a lifetime.  Bike & Build came up when my best friends older sister (also a good friend of mine) Blair Claypoole told me she needed a partner to bike across the country and build along the way because her old partner bailed on her.  I instantly said YES, and the preparations began.  Affordable housing has always been my choice when it comes to volunteering,  I worked on the habitat for Humanity Houston, Tx project for a week when I was sixteen and that was something I knew i would be doing again and again.  Also building in McAllen and HFH Garland. It has always just been what I know needs to be done.  A short summary of my childhood would be that from as early as I can remember, it was one home to an apartment, to another apartment, to my grandma's house, and the cycle repeated.  I like to think i got lucky and ended up with great friends who we're always there for me, but the housing issue affects people alot worse than it did me.  The crisis in Dallas is there simply anything affordable, and if it is affordable you don't want your children stepping outside because it is a dangerous area, which is the case everywhere i'm sure.  I can't wait to bike across the country for every obvious reason, and  am not going to bike across the country without the perfect reason.  I'm excited about every minute of that open road, Zion, and to be with all these people who are from every corner of the country but who want to accomplish a common goal. God's grace and our unity will get things done.


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Brandon has currently raised $4,905.
That's 109% of his $4,500 fundraising goal.
Southern U.S.'s Affordable Housing impact:
May 18 - Jacksonville, FL
May 24 - Tallahassee, FL
May 25 - Tallahassee, FL
May 31 - Mobile, AL
Jun 1 - Mobile, AL
Jun 5 - New Orleans, LA
Jun 6 - New Orleans, LA
Jun 7 - New Orleans, LA
Jun 8 - New Orleans, LA
Jun 9 - New Orleans, LA
Jun 11 - Baton Rouge, LA
Jun 19 - Dallas, TX
Jun 20 - Dallas, TX
Jul 3 - Santa Fe, NM
Jul 7 - Farmington, NM
Jul 18 - St George, UT
Jul 25 - Ridgecrest, CA
Aug 1 - Modesto, CA