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Katherine Wilson

Not Assigned 2013
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Hello! My name is Katherine Wilson, but friends and family call me KT. I am 18, born and raised in Flint, Michigan. I graduated from Carman- Ainsworth High School and am currently attending Mott Community College. My whole life I have been into sports and staying active. This past summer I took my first real bike ride. I participated in the Holland 100; one day, 100 miles. This bike ride really opened my eyes to the world of biking, and I've come to respect the sport.

My uncle told me about Bike & Build one day while riding in the car. I was telling him I would like to take part in the Dalmac, which is a distance bike ride in Michigan, from Lansing to the Mackinaw Bridge. He then started telling me about this awesome bike ride he wanted to do, but did not meet the age requirement. That night when I got home I looked up Bike & Build and fell in love.

Growing up, I have seen a lot of people Struggle with money. For years, families in Flint have struggled to make ends meet. Though I grew up in a warm house with everything I needed to be successful, a lot of my friends from school didn't. Hearing situations of their heat being shut off in the middle of winter, or their water being turned off in the middle of a hot summer, really put a soft spot in my heart for helping people. Raising money for the Affordable Housing cause would be an honor. To be able to reach out to others in hopes of giving them a home like I have been privileged enough to have, would feel so good. Nobody deserves to live on the streets or in their cars.

Over the years I have done some volunteering at an elementary school in Flint. There, I have mentored students, helping them with their homework and just being a positive person in their life. Somebody they can look up too. Also I have worked with my church youth group; in 2010 we went to New Orleans and helped clean up from hurricane Katrina. Last winter I did a 5K run called the Santa Run, it was a charity event for Toys for Tots. For me, doing events such as these give me an extra thrill because not only am I staying active doing what I love but I am also helping others.

I am so excited to bike across the country because I know it is going to be a challenge. This trip is going to test me in every way possible. For some people getting tattoos is exciting and cool, and for others it is riding a roller coaster that give them an adrenaline rush. For me it is pushing myself as hard as I can, setting the bar high and then proving that I can do it. I also love to travel. Seeing all 50 states is on my bucket list so this will help me accomplish some of that as well.

I am most nervous for the constant moving. I have never rode my bike that far and I have never been in motion for that long. This trip is going to be a constant work out. Though you get breaks, when you go to sleep at night you already know that tomorrow you are going to ride 60 more miles on top of the 730 miles you already achieved. So that’s crazy.

I am super excited to see different states and talking to the locals, raising awareness about Affordable Housing. I think the scenery along the way is going to be gorgeous. Also building a friendship with everyone in the group is something I look forward to. I have seen videos from the past and I think that it is going to be a good time. When it is all over its going to feel good to say, “I DID IT!”.

My family as well as the Lord inspired me to do this. I just want to show that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Having a dream is one thing but living it is so much greater. Also encouraging others to stay active and healthy is really important to me. Being able to help so many families across the country is just a blessing. This is my way of giving back, I am so thankful for all the wonderful things the Lord has done for me.
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My friends,

My road has turned and I must follow. As it is so, I've upset and disappointed so many as I make the announcement that I'm not going to participate in the bike across america. Its though you're let down that your support has gone for nothing. I'm sorry to have deceived you into thinking that you were investing in something as silly as me riding across the country. That is entertaining to imagine that I could have the stamina for that. I'd of like to of thought so. Seriously though, its so not true, you weren't supporting something as silly as that. You were doing something so much more noble than that. People have things or situations out of there control and really need help. Though I'm not going to make this trip, my wish to help with your support will still be realized. Your good will is already in place and doing its work. Homes or improvements are being approved as we speak and the work will still take its place a side from me not being there! On be half of Bike & Build and more so, be half of the families who will realize relief to there struggle to attain a reasonable home, I thank you! You made the difference in there strife, I did not. I did not make the sacrifice that I know you did. I had the idea given to me by my friends at Bike & Build, and shared it. Don't feel that your dream and effort is lost, it will be realized. And if it was for me that you had hopes for, then I'm sorry you didn't know that your hopes were being sent up to attain much higher value, I should've better informed you. You are good friends and positivly the greatest people for reaching out. Share the message. Share my dream that there can be more solutions reached to help our fellow neighbor. That was my excitement, my hope, my dream.

To my team NUS. I'm sorry we never met. I wish you all the luck and safe travels. Will be thinking of you.

Many Blessings & Love. Kt


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