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Robert Caddy

Prov. to Seattle 2014
Miles: 3940 / 3940       Days: 71 / 71       Build Days: 10       Rest Days: 3       Location:  Route is over    

Hi!  My name is Bob Caddy and I grew up in West Lafayette, Indiana. I am 19 years old and studying physics at Purdue University with minors in astronomy and theatre design & production.  My goal is to get my Ph.D in astrophysics and join the space program as an astronaut.  At Purdue I spend most of my time studying, geeking out with friends, riding my bike, and reading.  Many people ask me why I chose to study physics since it's so hard, and it is hard, but I love it.  I am passionately curious about everything and physics is ultimately the study of how the universe works on the deepest levels.

I first got into cycling on a seven day, 500 mile charity ride I did when I was 16 with the Wesley Foundation at Purdue.  One of the other cyclists on the ride told me about the cross country trip she was doing with Bike & Build to raise money for affordable housing.  I had always wanted to bike across the country and I thought Bike & Build sounded like the coolest thing you could spend a summer doing.  Since then I've gone on two other week long cycling trips and become an active member of the Wesley Foundation.  During these trips I have fallen in love with the freedom, speed, and camaraderie that comes with cycling.  There's nothing quite like the challenge of throwing yourself at a long day on the bike with a great group of friends and coming out of the end of it knowing them all better and having shared a great adventure with them.

I have always been very active in volunteer work, first through my Boy Scout troop, then my youth group, and now primarily through Wesley.  I know that affordable housing is a huge problem and that housing is one of the most important necessities of life.  When I heard about how Bike & Build was helping to provide both the finances and labor for the construction of affordable housing I became very interested in it.  As I learned more about what Bike & Build does I became more interested and decided that I wanted to be a part of this adventure.  I am so excited to ride across the country, wake up every morning with the sun, climb through the mountains, and do it all in the company of 30 of my (soon to be) closest friends who are all there for the same reasons that I am.


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Robert has currently raised $5,290.
That's 118% of his $4,500 fundraising goal.
Prov. to Seattle's Affordable Housing impact:
Jun 7 - Providence, RI
Jun 16 - Ithaca, NY
Jun 23 - Youngstown, OH
Jun 24 - Youngstown, OH
Jul 1 - West Lafayette, IN
Jul 10 - Ames, IA
Jul 14 - Yankton, SD
Jul 23 - Casper, WY
Aug 4 - Missoula, MT
Aug 8 - Coeur d Alene, ID