Bike & Build - Alan Clinton

Alan Clinton

Northern U.S. 2014
Miles: 3831 / 3831       Days: 71 / 71       Build Days: 10       Rest Days: 3       Location:  Route is over    

Hello and thank you for your interest in “Bike & Build”.   My name is Alan Clinton and I am completing my junior year at Purdue University majoring in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences with minors in Plant Biology and Genetics.  I am looking forward to starting my cross country adventure in New England, as I spent my first 6 years in Boston, Massachusetts.  We subsequently moved to Dublin, Ohio which has been my family home for the last 15 years. 


I began volunteer service through my high school and soon found that those efforts related to building and landscaping were most rewarding.  When I arrived in West Lafayette for college 3 years ago, I was very fortunate to find a very dynamic and ambitious team involved in the Purdue Habitat Chapter. I was quickly convinced that I could make a meaningful contribution to this effort.  The program clearly has an immense impact on people’s lives, not only for the prospective home owner, but most critically, for all those who participate. Although we are each learning construction skills, the effort helps each individual gain “life skills” related to teamwork and leadership.  


Over the past three years as an active member of the Purdue chapter, I have held three officer positions: construction chair, VP of operations, and currently President. I am clearly hooked on Habitat!  Although we are acknowledged and recognized for our community service, I personally feel privileged to have had the opportunity meet some wonderful fellow citizens and to learn and mature as an individual. Habitat is all about empowerment, we are not just building a home; we are building a brighter future. This above all else, is why I believe Habitat and other affordable housing charities are some of the greatest places to put ones time, effort, and philanthropy.


Long distance bike riding is a new adventure for me.  I love athletics and throughout high school I played soccer, basketball, and tennis. At Purdue I find time between class and research to participate in intramural sports (soccer, basketball, and inner tube water polo!).  The Purdue Habitat chapter sponsors a yearly charitable bike ride and I joined; finding it gratifying, even though I was riding a borrowed “antique” bike from my father that he leisurely rides around town.  The longest tour I have attempted has been one week long  and across the state of Indiana, which will be quite different than crossing the Rocky Mountains in Glacier National Park. A new bike will most certainly help!  As soon as I learned about “Bike & Build” from my Habitat colleagues at Purdue, and the magnificent experiences that will become life-long memories, the more enthused I became.  I literally couldn’t sleep the night before sign-ups went live! 



This is a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity and a summer I will treasure.  I hope that you will support Habitat for Humanity by contributing to my ride.  I will be posting a link to my blog, so stay tuned! 


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Northern U.S.'s Affordable Housing impact:
Jun 13 - Portsmouth, NH
Jun 18 - Lebanon, NH
Jun 27 - Buffalo, NY
Jun 28 - Buffalo, NY
Jul 3 - Bowling Green, OH
Jul 9 - Janesville, WI
Jul 16 - St. Paul, MN
Jul 24 - Crookston, MN
Jul 28 - Minot, ND
Aug 9 - Whitefish, MT