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Allyson Miller

Prov. to Seattle 2014
Miles: 3940 / 3940       Days: 71 / 71       Build Days: 10       Rest Days: 3       Location:  Route is over    

My name is Ally Miller and I am 20 years old. I grew up in a small town in northern New Jersey. After graduating high school I spent five months in northern California working on organic, sustainable farms learning how to grow my own food. I then did a semester course with NOLS and spent some time traveling in Central America.

I am currently a freshman at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina. Warren Wilson is a work college meaning all students work weekly on campus to reduce their tuition costs. My job is working at the Service Program Office coordinating, advertising and leading community service trips for the student body to participate in. From working mainly with the issue of food insecurity I have experienced the intertwined web of food insecurity and homelessness. In addition to the work I do at the local community garden and food bank, I have worked closely with my local elementary school mentoring and teaching Spanish to children in after-school programs, doing land management with the Nature Conservancy, and working in a home for the elderly.

In Asheville, NC, people experiencing homelessness is something that is a prevalent issue. This small city is progressive in providing options of affordable housing for people experiencing homelessness and they work together as a community to ensure that it is available for those who need it. Because this is an issue where I am currently living I am empowered to make a change. As I see the positive changes being made in Asheville for AH I recognize that people all across America should have the opportunity to have a home for an amount that they can afford. Being an adventure junkie, I could simply not pass up this opportunity to bike across country in conjunction with making change.

Growing up near a lake, one of my favorite summer activities has been biking around the lake. I learned about Bike & Build from a casual conversation with a friend about gap year experiences. She mentioned this program and I immediately looked into it. Biking from the east to the west coast of the US will be a step up from my leisurely summer rides, but I absolutely cannot wait to travel across country by power of my own two legs. I look forward to the physical challenge as well as the communal experience.


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Prov. to Seattle's Affordable Housing impact:
Jun 7 - Providence, RI
Jun 16 - Ithaca, NY
Jun 23 - Youngstown, OH
Jun 24 - Youngstown, OH
Jul 1 - West Lafayette, IN
Jul 10 - Ames, IA
Jul 14 - Yankton, SD
Jul 23 - Casper, WY
Aug 4 - Missoula, MT
Aug 8 - Coeur d Alene, ID