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Noah Rieger

South Carolina 2014
Miles: 4234 / 4234       Days: 82 / 82       Build Days: 17       Rest Days: 4       Location:  Route is over    

Three years ago, when my American friend Jessica told me about Bike&Build, I was immediately hooked by this exciting community-building idea. Since then I have been waiting for this dream to become true – and now, with your help, it will…

Bike&Build, a non-profit organization, organizes cross-country cycling trips to benefit affordable housing projects. Bike&Build combines adventure and athletic challenges with service, dedication, and civic engagement. Young adults serve as active agents and ambassadors for affordable housing efforts. Bike&Build challenges them to test their limits and impact the housing landscape by creating new homes with Habitat for Humanity for people in need.

In the end of May, after I have finished my academic exchange program at Illinois College, I will cycle with a group of 30 dedicated, highly motivated students starting in Charleston, South Carolina and ending in Santa Cruz, California. As we ride our racing bikes all the 4256 miles across the US, we will raise money and awareness for affordable housing projects. Even more exciting, we will also take part in several Build Days along the way. On Build Days we will trade our bikes for hammers and help construct good homes with local affordable housing organizations like Rebuilding Together and Habitat for Humanity. In Pueblo, Colorado, we will even stop for ten days to build an entire house together with Habitat for Humanity. Growing up in Germany I always worked as a carpenter but I never imagined that I would use these skills one day to build new homes for families in the US.  I can already picture their happy faces when we give them the key to their home.

By staying in churches, schools, and community centers, we will get to know the local communities in each of the 15 different states we will be crossing. We will also give presentations wherever we stay to inform people about the cause. By doing so, we will raise more funds for affordable housing projects.

I am impressed with Americans’ generosity and involvement with volunteerism, and I want to take part. In the US there are more than 14 million families who live below the poverty line and many cannot even afford decent shelter, let alone own their own home. By dedicating my summer to Bike&Build, I will make my contribution towards fair and decent housing for all Americans and also make a difference across the country.

Prior to participating in Bike&Build, every rider commits to fundraise $4500. These funds will directly go into affordable housing projects and will have a serious impact on the residential landscape throughout the country.

By supporting this cause, you will help to create hope and new prospects for people in need. To make a tax-deductible donation, you can simply hit donate and make a difference throughout the country.

There will also be a blog on which you can always track our current position on a map and read about the highlights and challenges of the day.If you have any further questions or if you would like to have more information, please send me an e-mail or call me.Thank you very much for your support!


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Noah has currently raised $4,550.
That's 101% of his $4,500 fundraising goal.
South Carolina's Affordable Housing impact:
May 24 - Charleston, SC
May 27 - Sumter, SC
May 31 - Greenville, SC
Jun 5 - Rome, GA
Jun 10 - Tupelo, MS
Jun 20 - Oklahoma City, OK
Jun 21 - Oklahoma City, OK
Jul 2 - Colorado Springs, CO
Jul 3 - Colorado Springs, CO
Jul 5 - Colorado Springs, CO
Jul 6 - Colorado Springs, CO
Jul 7 - Colorado Springs, CO
Jul 8 - Colorado Springs, CO
Jul 13 - Silt, CO
Jul 18 - Provo, UT
Jul 24 - Twin Falls, ID
Aug 6 - Chico, CA