Bike & Build - Sarah Kelecy

Sarah Kelecy

South Carolina 2014
Miles: 4234 / 4234       Days: 82 / 82       Build Days: 17       Rest Days: 4       Location:  Route is over    

Hello! My name is Sarah Kelecy and Im a 21-year-old sophomore in the School of Nursing at Purdue University. Im originally from the mountains of western New Hampshire, and spent a year off from school in the Louisville area before returning to college in lovely West Lafayette, Indiana. I love it here!

I had heard about Bike & Build indirectly through people who knew people who had done it, however I was properly introduced (and inspired!) when I got the chance to help host as well as ride with P2S13 when they came through West Lafayette last summer. Their stories were incredible, their attitudes were inspiring, and they somehow convinced me that perhaps I could be capable of biking across the country, too!

I'm convinced there's no lovelier way to spend time than good adventure! I love to run, bike (I think?), volunteer, hike, explore, frolic, play..mostly anything that involves running around and embracing life! I also very much enjoy my job as a nursing assistant as well as the wonderful opportunities provided by nursing school! My patients continue to be the ones who inspire me to do pretty much everything I do, and continually remind me with both words and actions that my health and freedom should never be taken for granted. I went on my first multi-day biking trip (6 days, 400 miles) in May 2013 and had an amazing time experiencing the world so personally from my bike and getting to know people in a way that is only possible via long bike trips! That same summer, I trained for and completed my first half marathon, which was incredibly empowering and caused me to fall in love with a sport I thought I hated! Service work is also something that has and continues to be a huge and important part of my life. I was very involved in my student volunteers program throughout my high school days, have gone on multiple mission trips throughout the country, and currently serve as the local missions student leader at my campus ministry (Wesley Foundation). I'm a strong believer in the "mutual service mindset", meaning reaching out with the knowledge that the people we attempt to serve have just as much to give to us as we do to them (sometimes more!). I've yet to regret a moment spent in service and Im eager to become more involved in the affordable housing cause!

So why am I really doing this? Good question! Ive always been told that actions speak louder than words. I believe so strongly in not only the affordable housing cause, but also the idea that serving others and truly loving your neighbor is the most important and fulfilling thing we can do with our lives. I'll be the first to admit I'm not (yet?) the most experienced person on the construction site (or biker, actually....), however I see affordable housing as an absolutely imperative crisis in our country today. Each time I meet a hard-working person struggling to meet their basic needs (which could be any one of us at any minute, really) I find myself confused and angered by a flawed system, wondering if a kid like me could ever have an impact. What do I even have to offer? Like most college students, not a lot of money or time.. but I do have a summer off, spunky youthful health, and a passion for service and justice. Even my small taste of healthcare work experience has made me realize I should not be living in a way that takes what I have for granted, but instead turn around and use it to better the world around me. I'm so incredibly excited and humbled by this opportunity to be a part of something this huge and engage in a community of people who share my enthusiasm for service and crazy challenges! Mighty Pacific, here we come! :)

HUGE thank you to all those who are supporting me and this amazing mission! Your generosity does not go unnoticed and I truly could not do this without you!


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That's 121% of her $4,500 fundraising goal.
South Carolina's Affordable Housing impact:
May 24 - Charleston, SC
May 27 - Sumter, SC
May 31 - Greenville, SC
Jun 5 - Rome, GA
Jun 10 - Tupelo, MS
Jun 20 - Oklahoma City, OK
Jun 21 - Oklahoma City, OK
Jul 2 - Colorado Springs, CO
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Jul 13 - Silt, CO
Jul 18 - Provo, UT
Jul 24 - Twin Falls, ID
Aug 6 - Chico, CA