Bike & Build - Rhys Howell

Rhys Howell

Southern U.S. 2014
Miles: 4220 / 4220       Days: 80 / 80       Build Days: 17       Rest Days: 4       Location:  Route is over    

Hi! Iím Rhys. Iím a freshman at Purdue University studying computer science. Iím from Washington D.C. and Iíve also lived in New York, Switzerland, and Ohio. I enjoy rock climbing, soccer, Tetris, beat-boxing, and walking around in a handstand whenever I have the chance.

Two years ago I spent the summer in a remote village in Ghana named Agbenoxoe (The x makes a kind of an h sound). Agbenoxoe was a small town in the Volta region which bordered a larger town called Kpando. The reason why I went to Ghana was because the orphanage in Kpando was overpopulated and we were going to construct a new one in Agbenoxoe. The construction went smoothly, we were able to provide a foundation for the new orphange, however what really stuck out for me was the people I encountered. We quickly learned the meaning of a saying "Mfwa", which the response is "Ay" (I like to to add a few more y's for fun). This saying meant welcome. The community which we were helping were so happy that we were there and helping them that wherever we walked in town people were ecstatic and wanted to meet us. This trip infused me with a desire to want to provide help to those who need it, and I believe it is my main reason for wanting to provide Affordable Housing through Bike & Build.

Currently I volunteer with the Habitat for Humanity chapter at my school and spend Saturdays working at Habitat for Humanity build sites near my school. I love these trips because every time I get to meet new people and work on interesting new things almost everytime. A few weekends ago, for example, I helped sand and paint a barn red. Somehow whenever I paint I succeed in getting paint all over me, that day was no exception. The president of the club, Elaina, told me about Bike & Build. I knew I wanted to come on this trip because she couldn't stop smiling while she told us about how many unique people she had helped and met throughout her trip.

Bike & Build presents an adventure like none I've ever done before. Furthermore it gives me the chance to help provide affordable housing and raise awareness for the cause. Please consider helping me on this trip by donating any amount of money, baking me some cookies, or even simply wishing me good luck!


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Rhys has currently raised $4,738.
That's 105% of his $4,500 fundraising goal.
Southern U.S.'s Affordable Housing impact:
May 17 - Jacksonville, FL
May 24 - Tallahassee, FL
May 30 - Mobile, AL
Jun 3 - New Orleans, LA
Jun 4 - New Orleans, LA
Jun 5 - New Orleans, LA
Jun 6 - New Orleans, LA
Jun 7 - New Orleans, LA
Jun 9 - Baton Rouge, LA
Jun 17 - Dallas, TX
Jun 18 - Dallas, TX
Jul 1 - Santa Fe, NM
Jul 5 - Durango, CO
Jul 16 - St George, UT
Jul 19 - Las Vegas, NV
Jul 24 - Ridgecrest, CA
Jul 31 - Modesto, CA