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Brooke Waln

Not Assigned 2014
Miles: 3830 / 3830       Days: 75 / 75       Build Days: 11       Rest Days: 3       Location:  Route is over    

Hi everyone!!!

My name is Brooke Waln and I'm from itty bitty Covington, Indiana! I was born in London, Ohio and have moved around the midwest for most of my life. I landed in Covington when I was fourteen and graduated from Covington High School four years later as the valedictorian. Since then, I have gone on to study math and physics at Purdue University, along with a minor in dance. I hope to transfer into honors physics next year as a junior. I chose to study physics and math because I find the universe and it's inner workings absolutely fascinating. The minor in dance also feeds my admiration for human ability and agility. At this point in my education, I'm not sure which career path I want to take, just as long as it involves physics! I am a floor senator in my dorm building and a member of both the Society of Physics Students and Women in Physics. I'm an avid thinker and reader, and adventurer. Moving around during my childhood instilled in me a tendency to explore and learn, which is why Bike & Build is the perfect opportunity for me!

I heard about Bike & Build from a friend, Bob, who convinced me to do the trip with him. When I first heard about Bob's intentions to bike across the country, I was instantly curious! To my surprise, he told me to join him. My initial reaction was, "No, I could never pull that off!" Then Bob asked me why. At first, I thought my reasons for why I couldn't were solid reasons, but Bob helped me change my mind by explaining exactly why I COULD do it! Finally, I realized that I was only making excuses and decided to go for it!

The Affordable Housing cause has special interest for me. For a portion of my life, my family and I were almost homeless. During this uncertain time in our lives, affordable housing was not available in our area. We felt stranded and alone. Luckily, my family managed to pull together and become stronger as individuals and as a whole. I hope to join the Affordable Housing cause to prevent the same situation from happening to another family like mine. Other than my interest with low-income housing, I have worked with special needs children during my years in high school as well as various volunteer opportunities within my community. Whenever possible, I worked with my church to help those in need of clothes and food. I plan on joining a local church known as Wesley on their own bike trip, known as Bikers for Jesus, at the beginning of this summer to help with the missions that Wesley chooses to support.

Biking across the country this summer not only fuels my desire to help others, it feeds my love of adventure. Although getting to the east coast is the end result, I'm excited to take in the experience along the way, both good times and bad. I know that every day that I spend on this trip is another step toward helping the Affordable Housing cause. I'm also excited for the new family of fellow trip members that I will gain along the way! I love meeting new people and exposing myself to new situations. I'm ready to face the challenges that the trip will present; it'll test my personal strength and determination and I look forward to putting everything that I will learn to the test. Helping the families along the way will bring a special sense of pride and humility, as I can share my own experience with them. I'm nervous about the days when I know I'll want to give up, and on those days, I'll rely on the other members of the trip to help me power through!


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Jun 2 - Charlottesville, VA
Jun 7 - Charleston, WV
Jun 12 - Cincinnati, OH
Jun 19 - St. Louis, MO
Jun 25 - Kansas City, MO
Jun 28 - Manhattan, KS
Jul 7 - Boulder, CO
Jul 8 - Boulder, CO
Jul 21 - Idaho Falls, ID
Jul 22 - Idaho Falls, ID
Aug 5 - Portland, OR