Bike & Build - Evan Kinney

Evan Kinney

NC to San Diego 2014
Miles: 3592 / 3592       Days: 70 / 70       Build Days: 13       Rest Days: 3       Location:  Route is over    

Hey there, Iím Evan Kinney. I am a 19 year old, studying Computer Graphics at Purdue University. Here at Purdue I donít only do academics, I am also involved in a few extracurricular activities. The first of these is EPICS, it is a community service based design class. My current project for the class is to design a cost effective way to distribute soy milk to orphan children in the streets of Hyderabad, India. I am also involved with Engineers Without Borders. Our project as a club is to design and implement a biogas digester in a remote village in Uganda. Itís not all work though, I am also a member of The Purdue Outing Club. I have done so many things with the club including rock climbing trips to West Virginia and Kentucky. This spring break I along with some other members of the club are driving out to Moab, Utah to mountain bike for a week. The Purdue Outing Club is what really turned me on to Bike & Build. We have a few members that have done Bike & Build and advocate heavily for it. Talking to them helped me understand how much of an impact those summers had made on them. After seeing how it impacted them I decided to sign up. This was a big choice because last summer I worked as an undergraduate researcher at Ohio State, and had the job next summer if I wanted it. That being said I am extremely excited to have this opportunity. I think that this will be one of if not the most amazing thing I will do in my lifetime. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I want to thank everyone ahead of time for their support.


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NC to San Diego's Affordable Housing impact:
May 20 - Chapel Hill, NC
May 21 - Chapel Hill, NC
May 24 - Charlotte, NC
May 27 - Asheville, NC
May 31 - Maryville, TN
Jun 11 - Little Rock, AR
Jun 16 - Bartlesville, OK
Jun 17 - Bartlesville, OK
Jun 27 - Colorado Springs, CO
Jun 28 - Colorado Springs, CO
Jun 30 - Buena Vista, CO
Jul 13 - Prescott, AZ
Jul 14 - Prescott, AZ