Bike & Build - Alexandra Rouse

Alexandra Rouse

Coastal Drift 2014
Miles: 796 / 796       Days: 20 / 20       Build Days: 5       Rest Days: 0       Location:  Route is over    


My name is Alex and I am a proud Providence to Seattle 2011 alum! 

I grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and graduated from Purdue University before moving out west to the San Francisco Bay Area to work for an education non-profit called City Year. I am currently a Team Leader for City Year San Jose.

Bike & Build is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Nothing brings me more joy than exploring a new town or city and nothing makes me feel more authentic than hitting the open road on my bicycle. After leaving the West Coast in 2011, I thought that I would return with some insightful closing thoughts about what the journey meant for me. Almost anyone who knows my name knows that I biked across the country in 2011. Yet, whenever I am asked the simple question “How was it?” I find myself at a complete loss for words. I have such a hard time describing everything that is embedded in my mind between Providence, Rhode Island and Seattle, Washington. I find myself wondering how I could possibly describe the essence of that summer, the changes I have undergone, the bonds that I have forged, or the feeling that I got as I plunged into the Puget Sound. The question “What did you do that summer?” is very simple, yet I have made it into the most profound and impossible question that anyone could ever ask me. That summer I cut my elbow open five times, I learned what ‘bonking’ was, I almost crashed into a bear, I learned the importance of affordable housing, I sang karaoke, I biked through a herd of buffalo, I shaved my head, I put up a fence, I saw cows mate for the first time, I watched 65 different sun rises in 65 different places, I slept under the stars, I honored the life of Paige Hicks, I was maid of honor in an impromptu wedding, I turned 22, I bathed with 32 others in ice cold mountain streams, I conquered the seemingly impossible Teton Pass, I explored an abandoned hotel, I saw Old Faithful erupt, I took part in a humiliating defeat when a group of 12-year-olds challenged P2S to a game of dodgeball, I went to an accordion festival at the center of the universe, I tracked a bear, I learned how to use a hammer, and I rode my bike.

During my trip in 2011, I had the pleasure of meeting several future frst time homeowners. One homeowner summed it up best by saying, "Other than the day my son was born, the day that my first house was built was the most important day of my life. My son would finally have a stable place to do his homework each night." This is the reason that I am participating in a Bike & Build program again and I hope that the parents of all of my students can say this one day.

I can't wait to experience this adventure with my ideal companion, Ruben Raskin and my best friend, Katie Swanson.



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