Bike & Build - Hao Mach

Hao Mach

Central U.S. 2016
Miles: 3857 / 3857       Days: 75 / 75       Build Days: 12       Rest Days: 2       Location:  Route is over    

Hey everyone! My name is Hao Mach and I spent a majority of my life in Woburn, MA. I turned 21 years old last June and finishing my senior year at the University of Massachusetts in scenic Amherst, MA. When I'm not studying for a degree in Food Science, I ask people about their life stories, eat something new and fresh, have secret dance battles with strangers, or rap poorly.

I heard about Bike & Build by complete coincidence! This past summer, I interned in Washington D.C. and lived in a gorgeous, yellow row house with 4 complete strangers. One of my roommates brought up how her friend flew out to Providence to bike to Seattle during our conversation. My mind exploded with possibilities of how I could align my post-graduate agenda to fit a Bike & Build summer! I kept thinking about the program on and off throughout the summer and the thrill of having the opportunity to bike across the U.S. never went away.

Growing up, I moved around a lot. I went from being a 2 minute walk from my school to a 2 hour drive. When I was 19, I started to think about the basic idea of having an affordable home. My father is a carpenter by trade. He puts in quality work when he tiles but it was tough for him to afford a home for our family. I'm passionate about changing that ideology. I'm constantly learning about the affordable housing cause and am not looking to stop any time soon. I've volunteered in a Boston soup kitchen for a winter and met the patrons. So many found it difficult to find homes in Boston and they couldn't find a job to earn an income. Boston is so small and so expensive to live in, this does not help the homeless. Some people wait months and others wait years before they are even considered eligible to obtain affordable housing from the state.

The east coast and the west coast are two different worlds apart. The idea of waking up one day in one location and traveling to another location on a consistent itinerary is what makes me nervous but excited. I don't know when I'll have a summer to myself ever again once I start working. I'm excited to take the time to enjoy doing something completely new and to do it for a cause I believe in.



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Hao has currently raised $2,295.
That's 153% of his $1,500 fundraising goal.
Central U.S.'s Affordable Housing impact:
May 26 - Charlottesville, VA
May 31 - Charleston, WV
Jun 5 - Cincinnati, OH
Jun 12 - St. Louis, MO
Jun 17 - Kansas City, MO
Jun 18 - Kansas City, MO
Jun 21 - Manhattan, KS
Jun 29 - Denver, CO
Jul 1 - Boulder, CO
Jul 14 - Idaho Falls, ID
Jul 15 - Idaho Falls, ID
Jul 28 - Portland, OR