Bike & Build - Margaret Williford

Margaret Williford

Conn. to California 2016
Miles: 4031 / 4031       Days: 78 / 78       Build Days: 16       Rest Days: 4       Location:  Route is over    

Hi, I'm Margaret Williford. I'm 24 and currently living in Alexandria, Virginia. I graduated from the University of Virginia in 2013 with a degree in Mathematics. I've been working in corporate finance since then, and I also volunteer at a crisis hotline. I'm starting at VCU this Fall to pursue my Masters in Social Work to switch careers! This summer seemed like the perfect time to cross Bike & Build off my bucket list. I've thought about it for several years now and I've decided now to seize the day!

More about the ďBikeĒÖ. Biking across the country is something I can confidently say I have never done before. I love a good bike ride, but long distance cycling is completely new to me and Iím super nervous and excited! I run regularly and have trained for marathons and half marathons, so I have some experience in the mind games of going long distances. Not much experience sitting on an uncomfortable seat for 4,000 miles... I have driven across the country and back again and had the experience of a lifetime; I canít imagine how rewarding biking across the country will be. There is still so much that I havenít seen and I canít wait to get out there and see it all with a group of strangers, on bikes, while stopping to build along the way.

More about the ďBuildĒÖ.With my time volunteering over the past year, I've learned more about the issues of affordable housing. I speak to so many people that are unable to find housing, which then prevents them from obtaining employment and leaves such a level of insecurity around the home. Itís a cause that Iím passionate about and Iím excited to get my hands dirty.

I canít wait to raise money for affordable housing and spread awareness about this issue. And what a way to do it! Iíll have bragging rights for life, saying I biked across the country in a summer. Huzzah!!
Thanks so much for your support!


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Margaret has currently raised $4,605.
That's 102% of her $4,500 fundraising goal.
Conn. to California's Affordable Housing impact:
Jun 1 - New Haven, CT
Jun 3 - Danbury, CT
Jun 8 - Harrisburg, PA
Jun 17 - Huntington, WV
Jun 20 - Louisville, KY
Jun 26 - Springfield, IL
Jun 30 - Moberly, MO
Jul 12 - Loveland, CO
Jul 17 - Salida, CO
Jul 19 - Gunnison, CO
Jul 21 - Montrose, CO
Jul 25 - Moab, UT
Jul 27 - Green River, UT
Aug 6 - Sparks, NV
Aug 11 - Stockton, CA
Aug 12 - Stockton, CA