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Meg Carpenter

Coastal Drift Week 1 2016
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I am 23 years old and have called Charlottesville, Virginia home sweet home for 13 years. I grew up here, went to school at UVA, and now work full-time at an architecture firm, The Gaines Group, PLC. I am a University of Virginia School of Architecture alumni pursuing my license in architecture and excitedly pursuing my passion! And if you ask me how cool Charlottesville is, I may be a little biased! My favorite hobby is running. I love to race and challenge myself in any way possible: AROO Spartan Racing and RunDisney! That hobby comes from playing sports all my life and then wanting a new challenge. I was a member of the University of Virginia Women's Club Volleyball team in college, and now I coach volleyball at the high school level. I heard about Bike & Build while I was in college. A classmate of mine told me about Bike & Build, thinking I would be interested because I was in the architecture school and participated in a building studio that partnered with a local affordable housing organization, Albemarle Housing Improvement Program (AHIP). She was right! I volunteered with AHIP while taking an architecture studio called EcoREMOD, in which we built two decks for two different families. I loved working with AHIP and the families. The experience really opened my eyes to the affordable housing cause. I live in a small town and the affordable housing crisis in our community is vast, so imagine the crisis in bigger cities! I also volunteer at the homeless Day Shelter in my hometown. The Haven is an incredible place filled with so many loving and caring people, and we serve all organic and freshly made breakfast food! It can be easy to get tunnel vision in my own communities and so Bike & Build is a great opportunity to reach out and serve. And I am really looking forward to picking up a hammer and building! I have a bike and like to ride but in no way have I ridden as far as I will this summer. I am excited for the challenge and experience, as well as seeing all the amazing landscapes and views as we bike across borders. I can't wait to experience so many places I have never been before! I want to participate in Bike & Build for anyone who has thought about serving in any capacity, but hasn't believed that they can actually make it a reality. I am here to do it and hopefully motivate people to jump on board and serve somewhere too!


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