Bike & Build - Brooks Crist

Brooks Crist

Northern U.S. 2016
Miles: 4069 / 4069       Days: 81 / 81       Build Days: 17       Rest Days: 3       Location:  Route is over    

My name is Brooks Crist and Im in my senior year at Western Washington University, majoring in History, and minoring in Math, and Economics.
Im inspired by my great family. My Dad is a high school teacher and my Mom is a therapist, and has done social work in some form or another almost her entire life. Im proud of the work my parents do with other people and am definitely most inspired by them. I also have one brother, Blake, who is one of the coolest people I know and constantly brings out the best in me. While my family inspires me, the affordable housing cause is a motivator in and of itself.

Bike & Build is an organization that enables young adults to contribute to affordable housing projects across the nation. Bike & Build seems like an awesome idea (it is), but the more you think about what Bike & Build allows, and accomplishes, the more spectacular it seems.

Bike & Build is a community service organization exclusive to young people. This is not because we think were too cool for old people, I like to go to bed early and dress like a dad, so any diss on the elderly is a diss on me. The reason Bike & Build is restricted to people under 26 is because this age group has the potential to contribute a ton to society for the longest amount of time. Were enthusiastic, driven and willing to make the people and communities around us the best they can be. But were also busy and poor. Young people are trying to establish their finances, relationships, schooling, and so much more, which all adds up to making the impact a young person can have in their community very, very difficult. Bike & Build created an organization to solve this by focusing on engaging a younger generation in their country, and helping enable them to make a difference now, and for the years to come.

Millions of Americans across the country live in inadequate housing, or no housing at all. The fact that such a problem is so rampant in a country like ours blows my mind. Bike & Build directly benefits those harmed by the lack of affordable housing. We begin this process in the Winter and Spring by learning about affordable housing and by volunteering with local affordable housing organizations. At the start of the Summer we expand what we have worked on locally across the nation as we ride West. During our ride we trade in our bikes for hammers and help to build various affordable housing projects. Along the way we also meet with community members to discuss the affordable housing problems in their community, and write out financial grants dedicated to specific projects we encounter during our trip. I could not be more excited to raise money, awareness, and contribute to affordable housing projects while riding across America.

Thanks for reading! (also Go Mariners!)


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Brooks has currently raised $4,750.
That's 106% of his $4,500 fundraising goal.
Northern U.S.'s Affordable Housing impact:
Jun 16 - Portsmouth, NH
Jun 20 - Lebanon, NH
Jun 28 - Buffalo, NY
Jun 29 - Buffalo, NY
Jul 7 - Grand Rapids, MI
Jul 8 - Grand Rapids, MI
Jul 11 - South Bend, IN
Jul 16 - Madison, WI
Jul 17 - Madison, WI
Jul 23 - St. Paul, MN
Jul 28 - Duluth, MN
Aug 1 - Fargo, MN
Aug 19 - Whitefish, MT
Aug 20 - Whitefish, MT
Aug 23 - Libby, MT
Aug 25 - Sandpoint, ID
Aug 29 - Omak, WA