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A Letter

What is Bike & Build?

Our Vision

We envision future generations that are committed to a lifetime of civic engagement and inspire individuals and communities to create fair, decent housing for all Americans.

Our Mission

Through service-oriented cycling trips, Bike & Build benefits affordable housing and empowers young adults for a lifetime of service and civic engagement.

In 2016
We welcomed



Rider Spotlights

Daniel Farmer

Daniel Farmer

Capital Ride 2013, Connecticut to California 2016

Fresh out of high school, 18 year old Daniel Farmer had his first adventure with Bike & Build on 2013’s Capital Ride. During this 15-day route, Daniel rode from Richmond, VA, to Philadelphia, PA, spending four of those days building affordable homes throughout the Mid-Atlantic part of the country.

“On the Capital Ride, my favorite ride was into DC. It was my first century, which was a big deal,” says Daniel. “Then, as we got into the city, several alumni joined us, which was my first taste of what being in the B&B network means, and how much it would matter to me to join the ranks of B&B alumni.”

While 2013 would see the final edition of Bike & Build’s first regional ride, as the Capital Ride paved the way for our current Drift routes, the experience was only the beginning of Daniel’s participation with B&B. In 2016 - 3 years after his journey from Richmond to DC - Daniel returned to B&B as part of the Connecticut to California ride.

Daniel hails from Bike & Build’s home base in the City of Brotherly Love - Philadelphia, PA. After graduating from Central High School and participating in the Capital Ride, Daniel headed to the University of Delaware where he is now finishing his senior year. He is majoring in Environmental Studies, and minoring in Organizational and Community Leadership, as well as Spanish Studies. Daniel’s two B&B trips just scratch the surface of his dedication to service. Since beginning at the University of Delaware, Daniel has been involved with the university’s Alternative Breaks Program, where he serves as the Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chair of the Executive Board. Last spring, Daniel interned at the Newark Bike Project, where he assisted the creation and implementation of a cycling education program called the Youth Empowerment Program.

Come May 2017, Daniel’s commitment to service will take him to new horizons as he will join the Peace Corps to serve as an Environmental Education Volunteer in Mexico.

Megan Reilly

Megan Reilly

Northern US 2016

When Megan applied to be a Bike & Build Trip Leader in 2016, she was living in New York City and needed a change of pace. She had heard about B&B after a friend completed the South Carolina to Santa Cruz trip in 2014, and felt inspired by the physical challenge and fundraising component of the program.

“When I signed up to be a trip leader it was with the intention of giving back to the communities that we were going to be going through,” says Megan, “but on my own personal note I really wanted to find where I was going to hit my wall.”

Leading Northern US was the challenge she had been seeking.

Bike & Build was not Megan’s first long-distance cycling tour, as she previously completed the AIDS/LifeCycle Ride to End AIDS - a weeklong journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles that benefits HIV and AIDS services in those communities. Megan is from LA, and when she heard about the ride from a family friend, she knew she had to be a part of it: “I had a lot of energy and love to give and needed somewhere to put it.” Her experiences on the AIDS/LifeCycle ride, which she describes as “like Burning Man on wheels,” helped prepare her as a leader and cyclist with Bike & Build this past year.

Building community is a common thread that runs through Megan’s passions and what she does. With Bike & Build, Megan and her team served multiple communities as their location and impact changed on a daily basis while they traveled across the country. AIDS LifeCycle provided the opportunity to have a more localized impact and invest in a particular community. After completing Northern this past summer, Megan actually began working for AIDS LifeCycle as a Cycle Rep, where she handles everything from rider management to leading the org’s Women’s Initiative - all while living out her passion for service and helping people.

Megan views her current position to be in many ways an extension of her work for B&B, and a further expression of her dedication to serving others. Speaking to anyone who might be thinking about getting more involved with service work and causes for social justice, Megan says, “My advice to anybody right now, specifically at this moment in time, is: If ever there were a time to be the best version of yourself on behalf of others, it would be now.”

They Averaged


Fundraising Total Per Rider

Our Top 5 Fundraisers

Ryan Booth

Ryan Booth

Erin Troedson

Erin Troedson

Sarah Udelhofen

Sarah Udelhofen

Coleman Rains

Coleman Rains

Meegan Jayne Smith

Meegan Jayne Smith

We Awarded



In 2016, Bike & Build continued to grow its Scholarship Program, offering 3 full cross-country scholarships, 1 full Drift scholarship, and 1 partial cross-country scholarship.

We would like to thank the families, friends, and committee members of the Chris Webber Memorial Scholarship, Patrick Zuza Scholarship, and Margaret Lowe Scholarship, as well as the Bike & Build Alumni Council, for their continued dedication to our Scholarship Program and recipients.

Our Scholarship Recipients

Hao Mach

Hao Mach


Chris Webber Memorial Scholarship

“The best part about Bike & Build is the ability to be present every moment… I have so many vivid and distinct memories that I wouldn't have had the opportunity to create without Bike & Build.”
Edgar Agudelo

Edgar Agudelo


Patrick Zuza Scholarship

“It is amazing to see how a group of individuals united in a cause greater than themselves can make such a difference... I am extremely grateful to the Bike & Build Scholarship Program for giving me the chance to take advantage of such an amazing trip and volunteer opportunity.”
Anna Michel

Anna Michel


Bike & Build Scholarship

“Bike and Build has inspired me to look at seemingly impossible tasks in a new way, and has allowed me to see future challenges as entirely possible.”
Iyanna Williams

Iyanna Williams

Coastal Drift

Bike & Build Scholarship

“I learned that life can bring challenges, but with the right attitude and support team, anything is possible. I learned that I was much stronger and more capable than I thought and if I truly put my mind to something I can do it.”
Elliot Chen

Elliot Chen


Margaret Lowe Scholarship

“Bike & Build taught me it is okay to ask others for help when you need it… My favorite part of the trip looking back on it now was all the struggles and triumphs that brought my team closer together.”
Our Riders Rode


Total Combined Miles

In 2016, we once again ran 8 cross-country and 2 regional Drift trips. Check out where we rode this past summer!

  • NUS- Northern United States
  • ME2SB- Maine to Santa Barbara
  • P2S- Providence To Seattle
  • CUS- Central United States
  • C2C- Connecticut to California
  • NC2SD- North Carolina to San Diego
  • SC2SC- South Carolina to Santa Cruz
  • SUS- Southern United States
  • CD- Coastal Drift
  • DW- Drift West
Our Riders Volunteered


Build Hours

Over 129 build days.

They Granted


To Affordable Housing Organizations

Through 4 Grant Programs
  • Competitive Grant Program
  • Rider $500 Grant
  • On The Road Donation
  • Pre-Arranged Contributions
Our Grants Helped


Affordable Housing Organizations

We Hired


New Executive Director

Bike & Build enters 2017 with a new Executive Director for the organization - meet Ron Stepanek! Ron brings more than 20 years of executive leadership experience in both nonprofit management and the outdoor sports industry. He has served as Executive Director for many organizations where he excelled at growing smaller orgs in impact and fundraising efforts, as well as guiding them through transitional periods. Ron also spent a significant amount of time within the PGA of America organization where he had extensive leadership responsibilities over local, regional, and national initiatives.

Right from the start I was excited about the potential of working for Bike & Build. The more I researched the organization, the more I was overwhelmed by the positive energy throughout the entire Bike & Build community. The impact riders have had in communities across the country is truly inspiring.

I feel fortunate to become part of this very special team, and I look forward to build on the organization’s strong foundation and help lead Bike & Build into an even better future.

We Maintained


Focus on Safety

Safety remains the number one focus of Bike & Build programming. The bullets below outline general amendments and additions to our safety program developed after engaging external consultants to review our current routes and route processes, discussing past practices and policies with other young-adult driven, nonprofit organizations, and reviewing feedback from our alumni and others close to B&B. We will continue to hold our riders to the highest safety standards while advocating for shared roads. For more on our safety program, please visit our website’s ‘Safety’ page.

We Increased To



Our riders’ commitment to service and civic engagement does not end when they reach the Pacific Ocean. After Bike & Build, the majority of young adults in our program continue in volunteer efforts in their own communities and around the world.

In addition to the work our alums do in their communities, many continue to stay involved through the efforts of the Bike & Build Alumni Council. In 2016, the Council oversaw a number of impact initiatives from raising funds for the B&B Scholarship to organizing alumni volunteer days in communities around the country to distributing $6,000 in emergency grant funds to Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville and the St. Bernard Project in New Orleans for disaster relief in the wake of Hurricane Matthew and severe flooding in the south. They also helped spearhead new advocacy initiatives that included reaching out to state and national bike advocacy organizations, as well as encouraging participation in the national It Can Wait campaign to raise awareness for and help bring about an end to distracted driving. Learn more about the Bike & Build Alumni Council’s efforts!

In 2017, we plan to conduct a comprehensive and wide-ranging longitudinal study to further measure the continued impact of Bike & Build on our alumni.

A few Alumni data points:


of our 2016 riders consider public service their civic duty


of riders said their experience with B&B led to personal growth

Before the trip, 35% of our riders volunteered with Affordable Housing Organizations, after the trip 87% are dedicated to volunteering at least a few times a year


of our riders believe that everyone has a moral commitment to civic affairs

Entering 2017


Years on the Road


Miles Pedaled


Build Hours


Donated to Affordable Housing

Moving Forward

With a new Executive Director in place, we are even more excited about Bike & Build's future and the continued reach and impact of the organization. Our existing strategic plan serves as a firm foundation upon which to build, from our focus on rider safety and support for the affordable housing cause to increased alumni engagement and continuing to tell our inspirational story. We invite you to join us in 2017 and beyond!