Bike & Build - David Alderman

David Alderman

Maine to Santa Barbara 2013
Miles: 3989 / 3989       Days: 77 / 77       Build Days: 16       Rest Days: 3       Location:  Route is over    

I am a recent graduate of Connecticut College and native of Sudbury, Massachusetts. While at school, I studied philosophy and art, and in my junior year I got the chance to spend a semester abroad in Vietnam, studying economics and the Vietnamese language. At Conn, I also enjoyed participating in competitive athletics, and spent time on the college?s cross country, rowing, and diving teams. I still enjoy running, and partake in charity races when I am able. I?ve had an interest in art since I was young, and have worked as a freelance graphic designer since graduating last spring. I am a tee shirt enthusiast, and have designed shirts for many companies, blogs, and organizations. I currently work for a cookie and brownie company in Boston and enjoy hiking, kayaking, and playing bass in my free time. I have participated in the fight against homelessness since high school, and I look forward to biking for affordable housing this upcoming summer. Last summer I worked for an organization that uses crowd funding to help families that are on the brink of homelessness. My work brought me face-to-face with many people and families who were suffering from a lack of affordable housing options. Witnessing the devastating impact of homelessness has made me realize the importance of affordable housing and the emphasis that needs to be placed on increasing the availability of it. It is clear to me that there is a tremendous amount of work to do to address homelessness in the United States, and I believe Bike & Build provides a great platform to make a real difference in the lives of so many families who are in need of a stable home to live in. I am thrilled to combine my passions of affordable housing and outdoor activity into one summer journey. Having been interested in long distance running for years, I am excited to have a chance to take part in the ultimate test of endurance, and make it across the country on a self-powered vehicle. I have always appreciated the beauty of our country, but have only seen a small portion of it. There are many cities and states that I have always dreamed of visiting, and I never imagined I would be able to get to them by bike. I have a brother and several friends who have completed Bike & Build trips, and their stories have inspired me to do likewise.


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Maine to Santa Barbara's Affordable Housing impact:
Jun 18 - Portland, ME
Jun 22 - Fitchburg, MA
Jun 25 - Pittsfield, MA
Jul 7 - Columbus, OH
Jul 8 - Columbus, OH
Jul 10 - Yellow Springs, OH
Jul 16 - St Louis, MO
Jul 20 - Springfield, MO
Jul 22 - Joplin, MO
Jul 23 - Joplin, MO
Jul 26 - Tulsa, OK
Aug 1 - Amarillo, TX
Aug 12 - Payson, AZ
Aug 14 - Cottonwood, AZ
Aug 19 - Williams, AZ
Aug 28 - Palmdale, CA