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Hannah Siler

Conn. to California 2013
Miles: 4173 / 4173       Days: 76 / 76       Build Days: 14       Rest Days: 4       Location:  Route is over    

Hey everyone!

My name is Hannah Siler, and I am 18 years old from Asheville, North Carolina. I currently am a freshman at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which I absolutely love. I plan to major in History, with a possible double major or minor in Global Studies or French. While I'm not in school or doing work, I love to play ultimate Frisbee and ride my bike whenever I get the chance. Some of my hobbies off campus include hiking, backpacking, and mountain biking, which I take full advantage of when I am back home in the mountains. I also enjoy listening to and making music, cooking, and reading.

I heard about Bike & Build mostly from surfing the web and looking for summer opportunities with a public service aspect. I stumbled upon Bike & Build, and was immediately drawn to it. Although I do love all kinds of biking, I am far from qualified in my knowledge of bike maintenance and repair, and my experience biking long distances is limited. However, this makes Bike & Build all the more appealing, because where else could I hone these skills while traveling cross country and making a difference in communities along the way? My dad recently finished a self-planned bike ride for his 50th birthday following the Lewis and Clark Trail to raise money for Ashevilleís city school system. His ride was incredibly inspiring to me, and has made me want to seek out opportunities that are similar.

The affordable housing cause is very relevant to my community. For example, every year Asheville presents the Warren Haynes Winter Jam concert to raise money for Habitat for Humanity. In the past twenty-four years, it has raised over one million dollars. The drive for affordable housing is evident in other parts of the community, like the Larchmont project, a low-income apartment building that stirred up a considerable amount of controversy with its placement in one of the ritzier neighborhoods of Asheville. I havenít contributed as much as I would like to to the affordable housing cause, but growing up in a time of such economic turmoil, I feel affordable housing hasnít ever been as needed as it is now. I want to contribute my time and all the money I can raise for this cause because I believe all people should have equal access to affordable housing, and I want to put these beliefs into practice.

The most exciting parts of the prospect of biking cross-country are the amazing sites I will and see and interesting people I will meet. I love seeking out adventures and opportunities that allow me to meet wonderful and inspiring people. That being said, I canít think of a better way of spending my summer than partaking in this adventure!


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Hannah has currently raised $5,055.
That's 112% of her $4,500 fundraising goal.
Conn. to California's Affordable Housing impact:
Jun 8 - Providence, RI
Jun 12 - Danbury, CT
Jun 15 - Stroudsburg, PA
Jun 19 - Gettsyburg, PA
Jun 27 - Huntington, WV
Jul 5 - Springfield, IL
Jul 11 - Lawrence, KS
Jul 12 - Lawrence, KS
Jul 21 - Loveland, CO
Jul 28 - Montrose, CO
Jul 31 - Moab, UT
Aug 3 - Green River, UT
Aug 13 - Sparks, NV
Aug 18 - Stockton, CA