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Stacy Sprewer

NC to San Diego 2015
Miles: 3607 / 3607       Days: 71 / 71       Build Days: 13       Rest Days: 4       Location:  Route is over    

My name is Stacy Sprewer and I am 23 years old. I have lived in Colorado Springs since I was six months old and truly consider myself a Coloradan. I am a casual cyclist, an experimental artist, a spontaneous explorer, and an optimistic dreamer. In 2014, I graduated from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs with a B.A in Visual and Performing Arts and a B.A. in Communications. My personality has always been split between a creative mind and an active body. Half of my time is spent sitting at my desk, doodling away and the other half of my time is spent hiking and biking all over Colorado Springs.

Having been involved in non-profits beginning my high school years, I truly believe that non-profit work is the lifeblood that keeps a community thriving. While I had worked primarily with arts-based organizations, I became aware of the needs of my community working for the social service agency Catholic Charities of Central Colorado (CC). The compassionate and powerful work of this agency in serving the most vulnerable in our community became an inspiration to me. I was shocked to find that a significant portion of those who need the services at CC are the working poor, those who cannot provide for their families despite being a valuable part of the work force. I also learned that one of the predominant roots of poverty is a lack of affordable housing. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 40% of Coloradans were spending over 30% of their income on housing in 2012. As this issue clearly impacts my community, I am determined to use my creativity and passion be a part of the solution.

After biking longer and longer distance on my own, it became my dream to bike across America. A friend of mine mentioned that she had a friend who biked across the country while building homes along the way. I found Bike & Build in an online search and I knew immediately that this was the trip for me. Through Bike & Build, I know that I will not only make a tangible impact on a national issue, I will also achieve a lifelong dream. Although I am an amateur biker, I am no stranger to hard work. I am excited to take on the physical and mental challenge to hopefully inspire others to do the same!

To reach my $4,500 fundraising goal, I'm am selling original artwork, goods, and services. Please visit my website at to find out more and to read my blog! Thank you for your support!


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Stacy has currently raised $4,802.
That's 107% of her $4,500 fundraising goal.
NC to San Diego's Affordable Housing impact:
May 22 - Chapel Hill, NC
May 23 - Chapel Hill, NC
May 26 - Charlotte, NC
May 29 - Asheville, NC
Jun 13 - Little Rock, AR
Jun 16 - Fayetteville, AR
Jun 19 - Bartlesville, OK
Jun 23 - Stafford, KS
Jun 30 - Colorado Springs, CO
Jul 1 - Colorado Springs, CO
Jul 3 - Buena Vista, CO
Jul 16 - Prescott, AZ
Jul 17 - Prescott, AZ