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Patrick Wanninkhof Memorial Foundation

Not Assigned 2015
Miles: 3843 / 3843       Days: 75 / 75       Build Days: 11       Rest Days: 3       Location:  Route is over    

On July 30, 2015, Patrick died on his bike.

But more importantly, Patrick lived on his bike.

In honor of an incredible teacher, cyclist and social justice advocate, Patrick's family plans to use the donations toward cycling advocacy, likely in the form of learn-to-ride classes. While the specific plans are still in the works, we hope to empower cyclists to ride confidently and safely.

Your donation will keep Patrick's passion alive.

In 2016, Patrick's sister Suzette is also completed her own ride, the Patrick Rides On 8000, to honor Patrick's memory and bring support to this memorial fund. More information is available on (The PRO8000 does not have an affiliation with Bike & Build.)

Note that 100% of donations made to this page will go toward Patrick's non-profit organization, not Bike & Build. Bike & Build's role was generously setting up the donation platform. Bike & Build will provide you with a tax receipt for your donation.


Donate to support Patrick

Patrick has currently raised $22,923.
That's 229230000% of his $0 fundraising goal.
Not Assigned's Affordable Housing impact:
May 30 - Charlottesville, VA
Jun 4 - Charleston, WV
Jun 9 - Cincinnati, OH
Jun 21 - Kansas City, MO
Jun 22 - Kansas City, MO
Jun 25 - Manhattan, KS
Jul 3 - Denver, CO
Jul 7 - Granby, CO
Jul 18 - Idaho Falls, ID
Jul 19 - Idaho Falls, ID
Aug 1 - Portland, OR