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Not Assigned 2016
Miles: 3857 / 3857       Days: 75 / 75       Build Days: 12       Rest Days: 2       Location:  Route is over    

On April 18, 2016 in Philadelphia, Jamal was struck from his bike on his way home by a hit-and-run driver and died two days later of severe brain injuries.

But more importantly, Jamal lived on his bike.

Jamal was an inspirational, brilliant, loyal and a unique person, who cared deeply about others and was committed to his friends and family. People gravitated towards him and he made everyone feel important and worthy. He would be remembered for his motto “It’s Only Getting Better”.

Jamal's family has started a foundation to teach underprivileged youth and adults. The non-profit organization will focus on: (1) Improving bike safety/awareness for bikers and drivers alike, (2) Pursue improving biker's rights and legal protection, and (3) Educating bikers on defensive practices and motor vehicle drivers on sharing the road with bikers. Jamal's family has selected Bike & Build to accept donations in lieu of flowers in his memory until the foundation is ready to accept donations independently.

Our role is to support and encourage the spread of good practices by funding existing individuals and organizations that show effective track records in these areas.

Your donation will keep Jamal's passion alive. Your gifts will go toward bicycles, helmets, tools, teaching space and outreach to underprivileged future cyclists.

To donate, click the blue "Donate" button below. For checks, put "In Memory of Jamal C. Morris" in the memo line and send the check to:

Bike & Build
6153 Ridge Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19128

Thank you in advance for your generosity, support, and love.

Jamal's Friends and Family


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Jamal C. has currently raised $7,475.
That's 74750000% of his $0 fundraising goal.
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May 31 - Charleston, WV
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