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Christopher Weachock

Southern U.S. 2017
Miles: 3960 / 3960       Days: 78 / 78       Build Days: 12       Rest Days: 4       Location:  Route is over    


My name is Chris Weachock. I am a 27 year old web designer working for Mark Cuban Companies in Dallas TX. Before moving back, I grew up in my hometown of Dallas going to a small private elementary school, then graduating to the pleasantly unknown territories of Dallas public schools. After surviving public high school I graduated as top 10% and got accepted into the fight'n Texas Aggie class of 2012 in College Station Texas. I graduated in December of 2012 from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Visualization Sciences where I learned to meld my passion for art and technology.

A bit about my College life.

I wasn't a typical wild college partier. Most of my time was spent in the architecture building working on late night projects and chugging vast amounts of caffeine while watching Miyazaki movies. I had a broad range of interests, not only in the arts, but also with side jobs or projects in my later years of schooling. I had a strong work ethic and maintained jobs as a barista, and a graphic designer at the student recreation center. I also photographed and coordinated photoshoots all across campus for the student affairs office that were published to various student run resources on and offline. Outside of the University I helped publish a bi-weekly student newspaper called Maroon Weekly. In addition to digital media, I am very passionate about studio art, painting, drawing, and working with my hands. You can see a majority of my work also on my personal website if you would like to take a gander!

After graduating college, I moved to Dallas and was offered a job working for Mark Cuban . I currently work with a small team to help drive sales for companies invested through ABC's Hit Reality Show Shark Tank. My main role is heavily digital where I help entrepreneurs support their website and focus on e-commerce related front end web design/development, marketing, or solving problems to help scale or catapult a company and its products into a successful position. I work with a wonderful group of people and couldn't ask for a more interesting place to be! From Shark Tank alone, I've met many different types of people and learned a lot along the way. The entrepreneurs I meet are wonderful to talk to, each one having a unique journey and story to share. It's very inspiring!

Why Bike & Build?

I first heard about Bike & Build from my good friend Jakob who rode Providence to Seattle summer of 2016. After keeping up with his journey on Instagram, (and nearly liking and zooming in on every photo) I debriefed him and started to ask questions about his trip. In fact, he and his friend Alex were one of the main inspirations to start my research about the trip. But I've always had a passion for the outdoors and service not only limited to my interest in Bike & Build. When I moved back to Dallas I discovered a small non-profit called the Promise of Peace Community Gardens. For two years I helped grow the organization volunteering on weekends and eventually became a board member. My time was spent in the evenings and early Saturday mornings/weekends learning about organic gardening, planting, and teaching at-risk youth about where food comes from. We believed that with proper food education and nutrition a child's life could be changed through gardening and be taken back to the home—a place so special for familial development—that it could positively affect a child's relationship with their teachers, parents, and peers for the better. In addition, many of these kids who came to our non-profit came from broken homes. Homes that have instability or lack of financial and behavioral support within the family unit. In addition to seeing the country in a new perspective, I am also interested in working with organizations like Habitat for Humanity; and where there is room to innovate to introduce sustainable, and beneficial environmental practices when building these new homes.

Overall, it will be an incredible, amazing, and transformative journey that will not only shape my life but also allow me to share what I have learned with others. That each day bring a collaborative spirit to foster an environment of adventure and learning on the trip. I would truly be so appreciative of any of your support in this journey going forward and hope you keep in touch!

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**A BIG Texas sized thank you to Mark Cuban for allowing me to pursue this venture as well as my coworkers, friends, family members, and strangers for encouraging me along the way**

Thank you x2 to the donors below. Without you this would not be possible!

Caitlin Boyle
Alejandro Cardenas
Elizabeth Dry
Mike Schmitt
Renae Borgerding
Richard Rivera
Lani Lazzari - founder Lani founded Simple Sugars when she was 20 years old and appeared on ABC's Shark Tank pitching Mark Cuban about her all-natural scrubs made with sugar to hydrate, nourish, and revitalize sensitive skin leaving your skin feeling refreshed and smooth
Robinson Tryon
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Phillip White
Peter Ferreira - founder -- serious peanut butter that tastes incredible and packed with protein!
Alyssa's Bakery (Alyssa's Cookies) -- Seriously their cookies are SO. GOOD. Pick some up at Central Market!
Andrea Sreshta - co-founder Solar Powered Lights -- very useful for outdoor adventures!
Pat Crowley - Founder -- delicious protein energy made from crickets! Pat seeks to help change the way Americans think about bugs and our water resources
Abe Minkara
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Ryan Cano
Keller Davis

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