Bike & Build - Kerry Aszklar

Kerry Aszklar

Northern U.S. 2017
Miles: 3971 / 3971       Days: 81 / 81       Build Days: 16       Rest Days: 3       Location:  Route is over    

Hello hello! I’m Kerry, 25, from Annapolis, Maryland. Bike & Build has been on my bucket list since I started bicycling in Boston. I interned at a great bicycling nonprofit organization that instilled in me a respect for community service and the positive effects of bicycles as a simple mode of transportation. After that, I got involved in my university's bike group to encourage more students to ride. It was also during my time in Boston that a friend told me about Bike & Build!

After graduating college with a degree in sociology, I served communities for two years through AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps. During that time, some of my projects included teaching students, wild land firefighting, community gardening, and repairing homes for senior citizens. A project that significantly affected me was responding to the May 2015 floods in Houston, Texas, mucking and gutting homes ruined by mold. More importantly, I saw how valuable a home is to the stability of both family and community. This experience is just a snapshot of the larger issue of affordable housing.

Affordable housing is essential for everyone. If most of a family’s savings are spent on housing, there is less money for other expenses, such as food, healthcare, and education. Did you know that housing is considered unaffordable if the home (and taxes and basic utilities) consumes 30% or more of a family’s income? That being said, the availability of affordable housing is not growing as fast as the demand. I hope that this trip will bring awareness to this issue that pervades our country.

Following my Bike & Build voyage across the country, I plan to pursue a degree in urban and regional planning, after which I will continue to make an impact on this issue. My career goal is to make cities environmentally and socially healthier for everyone, which makes Bike & Build a great learning opportunity. For fun, I enjoy climbing, dancing terribly, and reading. I love terrible jokes, enjoy a good cuppa joe, keep an eye out for the TARDIS, and have a weakness for chips and salsa.

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“If we cannot do great things, we can do small things in a great way.”


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Northern U.S.'s Affordable Housing impact:
Jun 16 - Portsmouth, NH
Jun 20 - Lebanon, NH
Jun 28 - Buffalo, NY
Jun 29 - Buffalo, NY
Jul 7 - Grand Rapids, MI
Jul 8 - Grand Rapids, MI
Jul 11 - South Bend, IN
Jul 18 - Madison, WI
Jul 21 - Onalaska, WI
Jul 24 - St. Paul, MN
Jul 28 - Duluth, MN
Aug 1 - Fargo, MN
Aug 19 - Whitefish, MT
Aug 23 - Sandpoint, ID
Aug 24 - Sandpoint, ID
Aug 28 - Omak, WA